The Importance of Platform Diversity in Digital Marketing

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The Importance of Platform Diversity in Digital Marketing

As Aussies spend more time on social media, entrepreneurs must look for ways to reach and engage their audience. With the continued dominance of Facebook and the emergence of niche social platforms in recent years, entrepreneurs must diversify their social media efforts to stay relevant to their target consumers.

What does platform diversity mean?

Diversifying your social platform simply means spreading your ad spend across more channels. This helps increase the diversity of your marketing efforts and allows you to take a more user-centric approach to marketing. As any marketer knows, different demographics will have different needs and preferences. It’s impossible to reach every customer using a single platform. Diversifying your platforms can help expand your reach. 

The importance of social platform diversity in digital marketing

Building your presence across several platforms allows you to connect with consumers and prospects from various backgrounds and demographics:

  • Social media’s total user base increased from 970 million in 2010 to a staggering 3.81 billion in 2020 
  • Social media users had an average of 8.8 accounts per person in 2020, an 83.33% increased compared to 4.8 accounts per person in 2014
  • In Australia, social media users had 6.9 accounts per person on average in 2020
  • The growth of multi-networking is partly due to the increasing number of platform choices as well as the specialization of individual platforms (i.e. YouTube for videos, Instagram for photos, LinkedIn for business connections, etc.) (

The benefits of platform diversity

Reduce dependency on a single marketing channel. If you focus all of your marketing efforts on a single platform, and that platform undergoes major changes, restrictions, or legal issues, it could negatively impact your marketing success without much elbow room for existing digital strategies. Don’t let your business become over-reliant on a single platform. Spreading your marketing efforts across multiple channels that are relevant to your audience will help increase your visibility and brand recognition. 

Optimise based on your target audience’s preferred channel. Modern consumers engage in real-time conversations with their favourite brands across multiple digital platforms. Each consumer will naturally have unique interests, hobbies, needs, buying behaviours, and so on. Platform diversity lets you optimise each marketing message for the right audience at exactly the right time. It also lets you compare platforms and decide which ones work best based on how well the audience engages with your brand then make the necessary improvements.

More opportunities to collect data for analysis. When collecting and analysing data from a single source, you may not be getting an accurate description of how your audience behaves online. You’re only getting a fraction of the data that you could collect if you diversify your digital platforms.

Diversifying your platforms can offer a more unified and comprehensive view of your audience’s personal preferences and behavioural patterns, which in turn can offer valuable insight into the minds and habits of consumers. This enables you to create even more relevant and effective content tailored to each platform. It also allows you to measure which tactics are working for you. 

Reach a new audience. Combining different platforms can help you drive better results. Capturing and engaging new audiences can help you tap whole new segments of your brand’s total addressable market. Consumer tastes and circumstances are constantly changing; buyers who have never been considered prospects may now show interest in your brand.  If you never try to reach them, you could lose out on potential revenue.

Stay relevant to consumers. There was a time when MySpace, Friendster, and Vine dominated social media. If you focus all of your digital efforts on a single platform, and that platform gets shut down or fades in relevance, your company will be forced to undergo a costly and time-consuming social media re-boot.

The internet is fickle. What’s trending today could be irrelevant in a few years’ time. While you may find a single platform that works really well for your brand, if it goes under for any reason, you won’t be left in limbo if you diversify your digital platforms.

Increased brand recognition. Building your brand’s presence is a crucial aspect of ensuring successful digital marketing. Diversifying your platforms can help you build brand awareness and recognition online. Consumers need to see your name, logo, motto, and products repeatedly over multiple platforms for better recognition. 

Just keep in mind that consistency is the key to digital marketing success. Make sure that your business name and contact information is displayed correctly and consistently on all of your social media accounts in addition to your online listings and internal site pages.

If you decide to make changes, such as redesigning your logo, changing phone numbers, or relocating to a new physical address, you must update all your online accounts and business listings as soon as you’re able.

Because things move quickly in the digital landscape and information gets shared to a large group of internet users, even a small typo like the wrong digit in a phone number or a missing letter in the brand name can cost you numerous potential customers and potentially lost revenue.

How to diversify your digital marketing platforms

If you’d like to start marketing on a new platform, but don’t know where to start, try Facebook’s Audience Insights tool, which helps you spot lookalike audiences, who are similar to your existing customers. 

You can spot a lookalike audience by uploading data based on the source audience. Facebook will then serve ads to FB users with similar interests or who fall under the same demographics. If the ads do well with the new audience, chances are these customers would be interested in your brand on and off the social platform. 

Find out which social media platforms your best customers use and engage them there. Gather data on the amount of time spent on each platform, engagement level, the kind of content they’re most likely to interact with, and more. This will help guide your decisions when diversifying your digital platforms. 

Work with an Australian digital agency today

Contevo believes in “Continuous Evolution” that’s why we encourage Australian entrepreneurs to diversify and strengthen their digital marketing strategies. As a Facebook Partner, we have more than 15 years’ experience in digital marketing. Call us to learn more about diversifying your digital platforms. 

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