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See, hear, feel and experience the story. Telling your story in a meaningful way, across the right digital mediums, is key to attracting and retaining loyal brand fans. A robust Content Marketing strategy is one that is baked into everything you do online, building your brand, your reputation and ultimately, consistently growing your revenue.

646.5% Increase in Leads

for Santa Fe Wridgways

410% Increase in Web Traffic

for Youi Insurance

23% Increase in Foot Traffic

for Homemakers Furniture



Our content marketing specialists are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Creating both top level and granular strategic implementation plans with detailed content calendars is key. Our tactics ensure that your content plan integrates across all of your digital communications including your blog, social media, and email to form a strong foundation for your digital strategy.


Identifying the strongest opportunities, and having the knowledge and experience to execute an action plan, forms the foundation of our successful social media strategies.
Determining the correct platform/s for speaking directly to your target customer, community building and social monitoring ensures that our strategies deliver immediate conversions and long term results.


An excellent SEO strategy is one that puts your customers first, helping them reach their goals, finding what they need and answer their questions.
Using this best approach, Contevo’s strategy is to develop the digital footprint that optimises the search process for your human customers.


Our talented in-house copywriters and designers create meaningful content that speaks to your target audience and positions you as an authority in your industry. Using sounds SEO strategies to ensure the ongoing value of your content, our content is designed to provide multiple value points. Our specialities include blog and website copy, case studies, eBook’s, interviews, infographics and video.


Our social media marketing campaigns are objective focused, meaning everything we do is tied to a business goal. Designing impactful, conversion focused campaigns that are consistently optimised by our Content Strategists, ensures that we build strong customer databases and gain mass engagement with your audience.


Influencer marketing is one of the most effective public marketing strategies your brand can engage in. Understanding the amplification of word-of-mouth advertising in the digital space, we craft genuine relationships between businesses and consumers. We create and develop key partnerships between your brand and highly invested influencers with a loyal following and proven ability to contribute to your company’s bottom line.

“Contevo demonstrated to be a very knowledgeable agency with a great can-do attitude on the SEO project they worked on for us. They achieved great results that were delivered quickly and our expectations were exceeded. Contevo has proved to be very professional yet personable and has facilitated open communication between our two organisations. I would recommend Contevo for their high level understanding of digital strategy and SEO.”
Fabrizia Roberto – Head Of Marketing, ANZ at Youi Insurance



Candice DeVille

Content & Accounts Director As Director of Content and Accounts, Candice DeVille is a digital veteran with over 15 years experience working with clients like Mercedes-Benz, Neutrogena, and Samsung. As an influential marketer, she has spoken and conducted training for ProBlogger Conference, PRIA, and General Assembly while also being featured on CNN Asia and ABC Radio National. She also grew her own blog from 0 to 100k monthly readers in 2 years, while amassing a YouTube account with 20k subscribers and 2.4 million views!

Antonio Diaz Del Pinal

Content Marketing and SEO Specialist A Content Marketing and SEO specialist with unmatchable flair and passion for online marketing. As an active member of SEO groups around the globe, he always takes a holistic approach when strategizing campaigns. Antonio has worked with many brands including Durex, Dettol, Scholl, and Santa Fe Wridgways where he increased organic traffic by 132% in 6 months. Antonio is Google accredited and holds a Bachelor of Engineering & Management.

Marilyn Koutsonikolas

Digital Producer Marilyn is a digital content specialist with a flare for creating ecommerce focussed strategies. Boasting diverse digital production experience of over 5 years, Marilyn has produced work for a variety of industries including MS Australia, Yellow Octopus, and Santa Fe Wridgways. Marilyn’s development of strategic content for a client in the Health and Wellbeing space helped to increase organic traffic to the website by 187%, within 6 months. Marilyn holds a Bachelor of Communications (Public Relations).


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