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Contevo is not your typical SEO agency offering standard SEO services, we use intelligent content marketing techniques to improve search engine rankings, increase qualified organic traffic, and maximise sales for our clients.

We offer comprehensive SEO strategies and roadmaps for our clients that focuses on all the vital aspects of improving your search presence including technical SEO, user experience, navigation, quality content, keyword analysis, backlink creation, and more. Many SEO companies only focus on improving search engine rankings, we focus on bringing the most qualified visitors from search engines to your website and then converting them into paying customers. Our holistic approach to SEO makes us a the most trusted SEO company in Melbourne.

Our SEO services focus on creating a highly advanced content marketing strategy that rests on content, market research, and a user-friendly website. This is achieved by utilising our 15+ years of analytical thinking, reverse engineering, and advanced SEO techniques.

Whether you’re business needs local SEO in Melbourne or a larger national and international focused SEO campaign, we have the experience to deliver. We have achieved phenomenal results for multiple local and international clients across lead generation and Ecommerce marketing.

646.5% Increase in Leads

for Santa Fe Wridgways

410% Increase in Web Traffic

for Youi Insurance

23% Increase in Foot Traffic

for Homemakers Furniture



Analysing your websites analytics, current SEO strategy, current rankings and organic traffic, helps our SEO experts in Melbourne create a customised content marketing strategy for your business. Our key objective is always on qualified organic traffic, conversions, and sales. Our strategies then drive traffic and boost conversions by focusing on content, user experience and targeting buyer keywords.


Search engine optimisation relies heavily on targeting the right keywords that will bring in the most revenue and value to your business so this is a critical piece to any SEO campaign. Many SEO agencies in Melbourne will target keywords that are easy to generate results in but don’t provide actual business value and sales. We focus on buyer keywords that generate sales and conversions.


In order to get your content found, our SEO specialists will create a link acquisition strategy for your business that will focus on content marketing link building techniques. Top SEO companies know that backlinks are one of the most important ranking factors and even the best content won’t rank itself. A powerful link building strategy will be created by our SEO experts to promote your content. We use a powerful mix of different types of high quality backlinks including guest posting, broken link strategy, resource page links, outreach, and more.


A 360-degree website audit is carried out in order to ensure your website is fully optimised for search engines. Our SEO specialists use multiple tools to investigate many factors such as website page SEO elements, website speed, user experience, navigation, pillar content, image optimisation, and more. This in-depth audit helps our SEO experts create the strategy and optimise your website.


Essential to all SEO services is a carefully crafted content marketing strategy. Our content strategists create a professional content editorial calendar with details highlighting when and why new content will be published, which keywords will be targeted and its various objectives. Our expert content creators will then create content to capture long tail search traffic and provide SEO benefits to the entire website.


Improving keyword research, content marketing, and backlink acquisition needs a high-level of continuous tracking and monitoring. Our advanced tracking tools and UTM codes are used to track referral traffic, organic traffic and their conversion rates each and every week. We then use our Google Analytics funnels and goals to improve conversions and sales from our SEO services to help us scale your SEO strategy to new heights.

“Contevo demonstrated to be a very knowledgeable agency with a great can-do attitude on the SEO project they worked on for us. They achieved great results that were delivered quickly and our expectations were exceeded. Contevo has proved to be very professional yet personable and has facilitated open communication between our two organisations. I would recommend Contevo for their high level understanding of digital strategy and SEO.”
Fabrizia Roberto – Head Of Marketing, ANZ at Youi Insurance



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