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SEO Management: Tactics To Ensure A Page 1 Rank


SEO management isn’t just about planning and executing. You need to consider every single detail of the events occurring in the digital landscape.

As we creep closer to the Google Penguin 4.0 update, we’re noticing more and more scattered clues being left around.

If you’ve been paying very close attention, you would’ve picked up on a number of very interesting announcements made by Google personnel over the past month.

We’re keeping all eyes on this major update…but why wouldn’t you when it’s already been confirmed that this may be the last Penguin update?

This is big industry news that should draw your attention to the current state of your offsite SEO strategy.




How Will Google Penguin 4.0 Affect SEO?

Toward the end of March, it was announced by Google’s Search Quality Senior Strategist that the top two factors for [page 1] Google search ranking are:

A) Content, and
B) Backlinks

Although this isn’t exactly news, it’s confirmation that applying focus to offsite SEO efforts is integral to the overall SEO strategy.

Furthermore, in reference to Penguin 4.0, Google emphasise that webmasters’ need to focus on creating a quality backlink profile organically; engaging, relevant content needs to be created for the user to be motivated to source and backlink.

When we delve deeper, at the very core of this major Google Penguin 4.0 update is the notion of real-time.

Unlike the flowing cascade of Google Panda updates, Google Penguin 4.0 is predicted to be extremely quick, spouting out updates as fast as Google’s crawlers can index links.

This means that the algorithm will be working hard to find link schemes, thin content, and general malpractice faster, resulting in Google penalties and removal from search result pages.

Contrastingly, there is a strong possibility that the introduction of real-time updates could affect the time in which it takes an SEO strategy to reap benefits, so instead of waiting 6-12 months to see considerable results, it may take mere 3-6 months for results to appear.

With the Google Penguin 4.0 update on the brink of release, it’s even more important to implement squeaky clean offsite SEO tactics, to ensure you get the most out of your efforts and maintain a page 1 ranking.


SEO Management: Offsite Tactics For A Page 1 Ranking

Before carrying out SEO tactics for the overall strategy, an environmental analysis of the market, which includes a competitor analysis, needs to be conducted. The findings from this research will provide information on the what, where, when, who, and how your competitors are approaching their SEO.

The second key stage of the SEO management strategy is a content assets analysis, which should include a gap analysis of assets.

From there, identifying the most tactical and clean approach will be a seamless process.

Here are some (of countless) offsite SEO management tactics we recommend in the lead up to the Google Penguin 4.0 update and to ensure the best, organic, ranking possible.


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Evergreen Content

Evergreen content, which is content that is continuously ‘fresh’ or relevant, is a long-term tactic. Ideal content examples for this tactic include long-form blog posts and guides that are not trend or time specific.

Evergreen content works to:

  • Be constantly relevant
  • To create internal link building opportunities
  • Attracts links to the content from external sources


Guest Posting

To drive links, citations, and referral traffic, potential blogs with a mirror audience can be contacted for guest post opportunities. Trending, relevant blog style pieces with a niche focus will work best for this tactic.

Guest posting is highly beneficial to an SEO strategy as it:

  • Opens an opportunity to get backlinks on a monthly basis
  • Drives referral traffic to the website
  • Establishes the brand as a thought leader


Research Articles

Conducting primary research for a particular study area, then presenting the findings in a research article or paper is a superior way of establishing a brand in the market.

Regardless of if major findings are recorded in the piece, this type of content will work to:

  • Set you as an industry leader
  • Attracts backlinks to the website
  • Create opportunities to build relationships with news websites or journalists


Online PR and Relationship Building

The creation of press releases for online submission to PR opportunities. Industry networking websites allow distribution of press releases to journalists and editors from specific industries, as well as providing call-outs from these representatives. Continuous relationship building will provide future opportunity for online PR.

  • This tactic is recommended as it:
  • Efficiently distributes content to a large number of key personnel
  • Creates an opportunity to build relationships with journalists
  • Establishes the brand as a thought leader


Partner Testimonials

This tactic involves the identification of key partners, which may include suppliers or business partners. These partners can then be individually contacted for testimonials or the display of information or images on their website (if applicable). Links to the images or testimonial text will work to:

  • Drive referral traffic to the website
  • Increase the website’s domain authority
  • Strengthen the citation and trust flow


Industry Directories

There are several websites that are dedicated to linking to different services. Research into appropriate directories should be conducted so that ‘spammy’ behaviour is avoided. Linking on industry directories can:

  • Create referral traffic and attract qualified visitors
  • Increase the website’s domain authority and ranking
  • Increase online brand awareness



Webinars are video tutorials that provide an audience with highly engaging and accessible content, usually with a niche focus.

This style of content will work to:

  • Attract links over a long term
  • Drive referral traffic to the website
  • Set you as an industry leader


Offering Content To Fill Gaps

Tools, downloads, or infographics provide value and are excellent for your website, and these types of content can provide even more value when repurposed as an offering to other webmasters or bloggers. If a blogger’s piece requires support from an external resource, like a data-report, infographic, or image, the blogger may be motivated to include the content you’re offering.

This tactic helps to:

  • Establish trusting relationships with webmasters and bloggers
  • Drive traffic back to your website
  • Increase domain authority


Link Out

When creating content, if you have sourced a piece of information or a specific numeric figure from a particular blog or website (not a competitor), make sure to link out.

Exploring this tactic will:

  • Open an opportunity to receive backlinks
  • Help to maintain relationships with webmasters
  • Strengthen website authority


seo management


Going Forward: Offsite SEO Management Tactics For A Page 1 Rank

Although it cannot be guaranteed that you will achieve page 1 ranking with these tactics alone, we’re 100% sure that through the proactive efforts of these tactics, you will get close.

The main takeaway is that we need to minimise risk and increase opportunity by staying ahead of the game by focussing on SEO management and:

  • Creating and providing quality content
  • Organic link building
  • Positive user experience

If you’re not too sure how Google’s Penguin 4.0 update is going to affect your search rankings, feel free to spin some questions our way at

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