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High converting Facebook campaign secrets


Not all Facebook ad campaigns are created equal so how do you ensure that yours is going to be a high converting facebook ad campaign?

We’re skipping the hype and getting down to the nuts and bolts of how you can run a hugely successful Facebook ad campaign in 8 steps.


The Secrets To a High Converting Facebook Campaign



Let’s get back to basics and evaluate how good your product really is.

Facebook has become a very crowded space and cutting through that noise is step one to gaining your audience’s attention. Your product offering needs to be one that genuinely addresses a need or effectively solves the audience pain point.

Look at your product with a critical eye to determine how well it meets these needs, and then communicates the solution it offers. You may not be inventing the first wheel, but it yours may be a better, faster, safer, cheaper wheel.  

Whatever your product offering, clearly define your value proposition and list the reasons you can outperform your competitors. This list will inform your ad copy.


You may not be inventing the first wheel, but it yours may be a better, faster, safer, cheaper wheel.



Your branding and the quality of your content are all quiet signifiers of credibility.  This includes having high-quality images, professionally designed logos and brand assets, consistent messaging and a cohesive look and feel to the content you produce.

Additionally, and no less important, credibility factors include having a well maintained Facebook page that shows regular engagement with customers and real examples of your superior customer service. 

Providing contact details, guarantees and testimonials from current customers helps to engender trust in potential buyers. In long form ads (the message above the image), using real customer testimonials is an ideal method of producing higher quality conversions.



Facebook’s detailed targeting options are it’s biggest asset as an advertising platform and are critical to achieving a high converting facebook campaign.

By determining the buying habits, other interests and physical demographics of your target audiences, you’re able to continually refine your campaign and reach the people most interested in your products.

Advanced targeting options allow you to blend audiences, create the perfect intersection of interest groups and actions.

This allows you to hit the sweet spot with your audience, targeting several of their interests with your campaign. If you can ensure that your creative and copy also reflect these interests, your conversion rates are sure to improve.

In our example case, we were targeting by location, then inside that group, it was further refined to target USA expats who also loved food-related publications.



high converting facebook ads




It’s important to remember that Facebook will display a different copy area on each device, so you don’t always have the same area in which to capture attention.

Prior to designing your creative and copy, determine where you want your ads to display – Newsfeed, Instagram, Sidebar etc…  then design each element accordingly.  Images that are designed to display well in News feeds are shown much smaller in the sidebar making it more difficult to read copy or have the same visual impact.


high converting facebook ads


Mobile Feed



winning facebook ads


Desktop Newsfeed


Have new creative and copy prepared to rotate during your campaigns as audiences will get tired of your creative, so refreshing your ads frequently is key. In analytics, you’ll be able to see how frequently your ads have been served to your audience. When this number gets higher than 4 you’re hitting a danger zone and simply wasting budget.


best facebook ads




Working with a team of experienced ad managers makes all the difference to getting the most out of your Facebook ad campaigns. Creating intelligent targeting based on customer personas, psychographics and audience affinities is at the core of successful campaigns.

Employing best practices means having a dedicated resource to be continually split testing multiple ads sets, whilst also conducting daily optimisations on those ads sets to ensure they are performing at an optimum level. Ultimately, this means you can produce ads that not only convert more frequently but with less media spend.




You need to be invested in your Facebook Business Page. By that I mean you need to be actively involved on your page, answering messages, responding to questions and providing updates that relate to your ad set.

For example, if you’re advertising an event, make sure you respond to comments on your ads or boosted posts, encourage people to share the event and use that space for valuable community interaction.




Creating a sense of urgency and action triggers in your ads is a fundamental element to achieving stronger click-through rates. FOMO (fear of missing out) is a strong motivator and clearly outlining why your target audience should make their buying decision now, is a powerful tool.

Knowing when and how to use urgency triggers like “Last Chance” offers, 24 hour sales, etc.. comes with experience in consumer psychology. Your team of professional ad managers will have a wealth of experience and test cases using urgency triggering to achieve high converting facebook campaigns.


Creating a sense of urgency and action triggers in your ads is a fundamental element to achieving stronger click-through rates.





It almost goes without saying that communication with the stakeholders in your campaign is paramount to achieving a strong outcome. Good ad campaigns aren’t ‘set and forget’ and neither is the communication with your team.

Implement a feedback channel with those responsible for sales and learn what’s working to close the deal. Perhaps your audience has more questions that they want answered when they get to your product page that you could be addressing in your ads. By learning any obstacles to finalising purchases directly from sales data, you’re able to further optimise and inform your campaigns.

Contevo provides a consultative and advisory service to our clients, not simply a transactional ad service.


Working in partnership with our clients means close communication, understanding the goals and objectives of each campaign and how these contribute to the business goals at large.  Rather than seeking single conversion outcomes, we build in secondary business intelligence goals the ensure that each subsequent campaign is built on a stronger knowledge base.

Over time, the learnings from each campaign enable us to provide greater market insights, trend reports and identify key opportunities for growth.


How much more could you get your of your Facebook campaigns by working with a team of highly experienced professionals? Find out by booking a COMPLEMENTARY strategy consultation with our specialists today.


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