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What is remarketing & retargeting advertising? It’s those ads that feel like they follow you around the internet and know exactly what you wanted to shop for. Only a small number of your visitors convert on their first visit to your store. Almost 96% of visitors on your website are not ready to buy.

A remarketing campaign shows highly targeted ads to all those visitors who visited your website and left without purchasing or enquiring. We then bring those visitors back to your website to take action. Our expert team doesn’t just analyze your store, products, features, landing page, and other on-site variables, but we conduct in-depth audience behavioral analysis to better understand the psychology of your target audience.

It’s time to stop just pouring marketing budgets into getting more visits to your site – it is time to make every visitor count.

2128 Email Subscribers

for Coopers Beer

127% Increase in Social Community

for Goodyear Autocare

6854 Viral Campaign Shares

for EatNow.com.au



Our senior, experienced strategists create a customised remarketing strategy for your brand after an in-depth analysis of the analytics, history, customer retention rate, your marketing plan, and other variables. A rigorous remarketing strategy is then developed that aims to reduce cart abandonment, bring a maximum number of visitors who abandoned back, increasing sales and customer retention rates. We ensure that your remarketing strategy is aligned to your marketing strategy to create a perfect fit.


While many other advertisers ignore dynamic remarketing, our remarketing advertising agency does not. In fact, our special dynamic remarketing team will use previous ads, products, and even part of your store where visitors clicked during the last session, to bring them back by allowing them to continue their journey where they stopped. Dynamic remarketing has the potential to drive massive conversions and sales because the ads are extremely targeted. They remind visitors of their past incomplete interaction with your brand and this persuades them to come back and convert.


With multiple channels, dynamic remarketing, and several banner packs for every remarketing campaign for your brand, our conversion optimisation expert team work day in and out to find the best and highest converting combo. Contevo uses advanced A/B testing, heatmaps, clickmaps, funnel analysis, creative and channel analysis, landing page optimization, and in-depth analytics.


We use multichannel remarketing to bring as many visitors back to your store as possible via all possible channels where those visitors might be found. Our retargeting marketing agency begins by understanding and identifying the target audience that has the highest probability to convert. We crunch data from multiple sources including analytics, third-party tools, user lists, past ad campaigns, lookalike audience, and our special in-house tools. A multichannel remarketing campaign is then set up that runs on all the channels where your target audience hangs out or is likely to hang out whether it be mobile apps, relevant websites, a social network, or any specific forum.


A critical part of any retargeting marketing is in designing creatives that will entice and hook your audience. Our designers understand the psychology of your target audience and come up with creatives that are proven to increase click through rates. Every banner uses a color scheme that identifies with and promotes your brand whilst developing an emotional and psychological appeal for the viewers. Banners aren’t just created once, rather they’re tweaked based on how they perform, this results in a huge collection of creatives that convert at an unimaginable rate.


The scale and growth planning of your remarketing strategy is achieved by constantly tracking and monitoring all the campaigns simultaneously. This is done by our dedicated analytics team that uses Facebook pixels, UTM codes, AdWords, Analytics, Facebook Power Editor, and several other tools and software. At any given time, our team can tell you which products, banners, channels, and target segments have the highest ROI. Tracking and advanced analytics are used to plan for growth, scaling, and improving sales and ROI.

“Since engaging Contevo, they have become a vital part of our business. Contevo has formed a strong team, and their knowledge and understanding of marketing ensures the most effective methodologies are applied. Our user base has increased dramatically, doubling overall, with Contevo being the driving force behind the growth. Communications are fluid and of a high standard, with modern project management tools deployed.”
Scott Schulz – Chief Operating Officer, Vestabyte



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