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Reach Your Customer Intelligently with our Programmatic Media Buying Services

Simplify advertising with Australia's leading programmatic media buying services.

We manage systematic buys using the latest artificial intelligence technologies, leveraging algorithms and advanced targeting capabilities to make your ads more effective.

In doing this, our leading Programmatic agency ​optimises campaigns using real-time data measurements and zero waste.  With Contevo on your side, you can make sure that your ads land on the right pages, and that they reach the right people.

Skip the endless back and forth of negotiations with a real-time bidding system, and say goodbye to manual insertion orders. Make the most of your advertising dollars and get measurable results.    

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Programmatic Strategy

We create an optimising and targeting strategy that delivers programmatic success. We narrow down targeting strategies, create segmented audiences, and develop funnels. We help you convert by identifying opportunities to deliver creatives to your audience based on their specific place in the funnel.

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Programmatic Planning

Set business goals, utilise data assets, and get to know your target audience better through a test and learn structure. We leverage insight to adjust plans and enhance your programmatic campaign.  With proper planning, we help you take full advantage of programmatic’s potential. 

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Programmatic Buying

Enjoy unparalleled efficiency with programmatic buying. We make use of software to buy digital ad placements so you can skip negotiations, manual insertion, and RFPs. This service makes the ad buying system not just more efficient, but also less expensive overall.

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Programmatic Optimisation

We implement machine learning algorithms to leverage ad impressions and maximise your budget.  By working within the framework of real-time bidding (RTB), we enable your ad to lead to the right page, with relevant content, at just the right time.

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Programmatic Research

We perform research to help you better understand customer attitudes and behaviour usage. With robust data, you can take a closer look at market segmentation and opportunity analysis to establish more efficient advertising processes. Leverage insight and refine your marketing with programmatic research.

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Programmatic Platform

Choose a programmatic advertising platform with the right price, targeting options, moderation, support, and other nifty features. We give you access to one that is most appropriate for your business orientation, strategies, goals, and target audience. Tap fast-growing markets and place ads where they perform best with the right platform choice.

The benefits of working with Contevo for your Programmatic Media Buying.

Real-Time Data Measurement

Discover the advantages of real-time reporting. Programmatic gives you the ability to measure how a targeting option, creative, or campaign is performing as soon as your campaign gets launched. Unlike traditional advertising, which requires you to wait until the end of the campaign to analyse results, it lets you evaluate your campaign’s strengths and weaknesses right from the beginning.

This allows for an unprecedented level of control and transparency over advertising. Find out which specific sites your ads are reaching, the type of customer who looks at them, and all the costs associated with your ads in real-time. Gain the remarkable ability to enhance your campaigns and make adjustments on the fly in a more informed manner.

Greater Efficiency Through Continual Evolution

Unlike the traditional ad buying system, which relies on a series of tedious negotiations with other individuals, programmatic allows for greater efficiency through process automation, real-time bidding, and real-time reporting.

Optimisation allows your campaigns to run at levels of efficiency previously unimagined. With increased audience reach and more refined targeting capabilities, not to mention the ability to do retargeting as necessary, programmatic lets you do more, with less. It used to be that advertisers could convert 2% of customers on their first site visit – retargeting lets you reach out to the remaining 98% to encourage them to convert.

The increased flexibility programmatic affords advertisers lets you reach your ideal target audience for any goal, as well as reposition your campaigns as needed. With your campaigns running at optimum levels, you can prevent budget wastage and maximise ROI.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

Peter Holton

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Frequently asked questions.

A programmatic agency specialises in programmatic media buying, optimisation, and management. Programmatic media agencies make use of artificial intelligence technology to identify, bid on, and purchase ad inventory on various platforms like mobile, social media, display, video, and even television.

By using the real-time bidding system and automating processes like insertion orders, a programmatic agency is able to focus on creating an improved and successful advertising campaign for your business.   

A digital advertising desk is a centralised management platform used by programmatic media agencies along with other audience buying technology. The desk is meant to help advertisers improve advertising performance and get more value from display advertising. It is also intended to give you more control over ad placements.

Aside from planning and buying ad inventory, trading staff also takes charge of measuring results and reporting back on audience insights.

A programmatic trader takes charge of launching and managing advertising campaigns. Numbers-oriented, highly analytical, and self-starting, the program trader is able to leverage data to deliver results and achieve business goals and objectives.

With strong business sense, an effective programmatic trader implements and manages day-to-day programmatic buys across multiple platforms, setting bidding strategies, optimising campaigns, monitoring campaign performance, and making recommendations.   

It works by automating the tedious process of buying and selling advertising inventory. It makes use of artificial intelligence technology and real-time bidding for ad inventory across social media, mobile, video, display, and television to connect advertisers with publishers.

Artificial intelligence technology has algorithms that monitor and analyse visitor behavior. This allows for real-time campaign optimisation targeting an audience that is highly likely to convert, since programmatic  media agencies have the capacity to gather data from first party or third party sources, helping them target visitors with greater precision.  

Programmatic ad buying refers to the use of software in purchasing digital advertising. It was meant to make ad buying faster and more efficient, as opposed to traditional media buying, which relied on ad buyers and salespersons, which entailed more negotiations and costs.

However, this doesn’t mean that programmatic ad buying does away with human involvement altogether. It simply takes over some of the more menial tasks associated with ad buying, like ad tags and insertion orders. It still requires an expert to come up with strategies and optimise campaigns. It simply allows you to plan better and more sophisticated campaigns. 

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