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Put an end to low sales, poor ROI, and declining results with ads that stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional results.

PPC marketing is the engine that accelerates your business growth. Achieving real bottom line impact for your business in the form of leads, sales and profits is the driving force behind our strategies.

As an industry leading PPC agency, we use conversion focused messaging and solid data to supercharge results and give your brand the winning edge.

When you work with us, we guarantee:

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PPC Management

As one of Australia’s leading PPC management agencies, we have 15+ years of experience in both B2B and B2C PPC Management which allows us to generate true ROI for our clients.

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Social Media Ads

Our PPC advertising agency has gathered over 15 years of social media ad platform knowledge to dramatically reduce your media costs while achieving higher returns from your ppc marketing.

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Product Feed Ads

As a PPC marketing agency that specialises in growing Ecommerce businesses, our team creates profitable product feed campaigns across platforms including Google Shopping and Facebook.

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Display & Programmatic

As part of our PPC services, we conduct extensive research on your competitors and audience to ensure only the most cost efficient ad placements are utlised across Google Adwords.

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Remarketing Campaigns

As a leading Pay Per Click management agency, we always use Google and Facebook remarketing campaigns to extend the results of your digital activities and bring more customer conversions.

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Affiliate Marketing

As a holistic PPC management company, we ensure our affiliate programs recruit only the highest quality affiliates while using technology to stop any fraudulent and non-profitable affiliates.

The benefits of working with Contevo for your PPC marketing.

Contevo’s Continuous Evolution Process

The Contevo process of continual monitoring, testing, feedback and campaign optimisation enables us to deliver strong results with continuous improvement. We use a multi channel approach to finding the best qualified audiences and traffic for your campaigns to maximise your conversions month on month.

Advanced Audience Targeting & Segmentation

As part of our PPC services, we create highly targeted custom audiences using segmentation strategies. These segments then trigger specific messages that are displayed to your audience wherever they are online to bring them back to your website to convert.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

Peter Holton

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Frequently asked PPC advertising questions.

PPC management is an arduous, time-consuming process. But with the right management tools and PPC agency on your side, it can be highly beneficial to your business.

It can be broken down into the following key steps:

Campaign structure
Campaign budgeting
Campaign optimisation

Once your campaign goes live, there are three major areas that must be continuously monitored, analyzed, and improved. These include:

  • Ad copy – Ad text creation is a continual process that requires you to produce and test copy in order to find out what is most effective.
  • Ad targeting – The initial campaign set-up includes keyword discovery and selection, which helps you determine which keywords and phrases your target audience are likely using. However, you won’t know for sure until your campaign goes live. Ad targeting also takes other factors like location, time, and device into consideration. 
  • Landing pages – When a user clicks on your ad, it is now up to your landing page to convert that user into a lead or sale. This area is heavily dependent on ad targeting and copywriting. To get the best results, make sure your landing page is congruent with your ad copy.

PPC advertising is one of the most profitable digital marketing tactics for many businesses and it also has many benefits when compared to other marketing channels. PPC marketing allows you the strategic benefits of targeting your ideal customers and presenting them with exactly the message you want, in exactly the place you need, and paying only when you have their attention. You can them measure their activity to ensure they are converting to make your media spend profitable for your business.

The costs of a Google PPC management campaign depends on whether  1) You have never advertised on Google and require a new AdWords account, 2) You have an inactive AdWords account, or 3) You have an active AdWords account and simply want better results.

If you are opening a new account, you can get $100 Google PPC credit. A full campaign set-up with 24/7 access and monthly reports can cost you anywhere from $700 to $15,000 per month (plus media costs) depending on the package and your specific requirements.   

Launching successful PPC advertising campaigns across websites like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn is highly specialised and many PPC management services simply don’t have the experience to make it profitable. Many PPC management companies will simply set up your campaign and then conduct minimal optimisations each month. Hiring an agency like Contevo will save you in wasted media spend and give you the best chance of success through our continuous improvement methodology. We work hard every month testing new strategies and scaling high performing tactics to get the most performance from your budget.

To optimise your PPC marketing campaign, we will start with your keyword list. A PPC management agency will usually delete any keywords with a click-through-rate of less than 1% – the company will only bid on keywords that people actively use in their search, and the popularity of certain keywords may change over time. That’s your agency must continue to refine and add to your keyword list. They should also make use of various keyword matching options to minimise the costs.

Moreover, the agency must keep doing A/B testing with ad copy and landing pages. Google doesn’t charge agencies for testing ads, so they can take advantage of this feature to enhance ad copy and improve CTR.

They can also use location targeting so that the ads will only be shown to users in strategic areas in the country. When looking for an PPC agency Melbourne business owners should choose a local PPC company that will help them take advantage of location targeting.

Product Feeds are highly specialised and can be highly profitable once properly segmented and optimised. A simple campaign set up does not work in most cases. Our PPC company will organise your products to be displayed and compared in a unique way, continually optimising for the highest revenue and ROI.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising allows you to purchase top placements on search engine results pages (SERPs) and relevant partner sites. It drives traffic to your site and boosts search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies by letting you test out keywords and business models.

PPC services are meant to help you take full advantage of PPC advertising’s benefits. These services, which typically include keyword selection, copywriting, ad submission, and PPC management and monitoring, will help you maximise your advertising budget and increase ROI.  

The typical PPC management agency offers the following services:

  • Lead generation
  • PPC marketing
  • AdWords management
  • Google shopping management
  • Remarketing and retargeting
  • Keyword selection
  • Ad text creation
  • Ad submission
  • Landing page optimisation

Google is the search engine’s advertising system under which a PPC management company bids on keywords and have their ads appear on top of the search engine results pages (SERPs) for those keywords.

The process begins with our PPC agency, where we identify keywords and pair them with ads. Google submits the keywords and associated ads that it considers most relevant to an auction with your maximum bid.

Google determines your ad rank and position based on your maximum bid and quality score. You will only be required to pay for the minimum amount for the position if you ad gets clicked on.

Our job is to secure top position for your ads, as well as optimise them, in order to help you maximise your PPC budget.

When looking for an PPC agency Melbourne clients must first find out if the company they’re considering has certifications from major PPC platforms like Google and Bing Ads.

Once you have verified their certifications, you must inquire about their services, and whether or not these services meet your requirements. For instance, you must decide if you want a Google PPC management company that offers a full range of services, or specialises in just one or two areas.

Every time someone clicks on your ad and sends a visitor to your site, you must pay the search engine a nominal fee. This fee tends to be more negligible when your campaign is running efficiently, since the visit (and conversion) will be worth more to your business than the cost of the click itself.

For instance, if you paid $2.14 for a click but made a $200 sale in the process, then the benefits of PPC is clear. Moreover, Google rewards not just the highest bidders for ad space, but the best quality ads, or the ads that are most popular among users, as well. High quality ads have better click-through-rates and lower costs.

The challenge lies in execution. This is where your PPC agency comes in. To maximise your ad budget, we follow best practices when it comes to keyword selection, copywriting, landing page development, and PPC management.     

The overall effectiveness of PPC advertising depends on the effectiveness of ad copy, keywords, landing pages, and your PPC manager.

  • Ad copy – Targeted copy makes people click on ads. It also helps stretch your budget by lowering the costs. But with a limited number of characters per ad, you don’t have much space to make an impact. If you don’t know where to start with ad copy, enlist the services of a professional copywriter.
  • Keyword selection – The more specific you can get with keyword selection, the better. Continue to narrow down your keyword selection as you go along. During this process, you must find the sweet spot between what people are searching for, and the products and services you offer.
  • Landing pages – Engaging landing pages that are aligned with why users clicked on your ad in the first place are more effective.
  • PPC management – Constant monitoring and analysis gives you a better understanding of your ad’s performance.

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