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646.5% Increase in Leads

60.25 Reduction in Media Spend

73.4% Reduction in Cost Per Lead


Santa Fe Wridgways approached Contevo with the need to increase the ROI they were receiving from their current agency and marketing budget.

Following a detailed audit, Contevo found the following key challenges:

  • Very high cost per lead
  • No call tracking
  • No Re-targeting
  • Small keyword list
  • No split testing

Santa Fe Wridgways required a complete clean-up of their Google Adwords account, with a highly targeted PPC management strategy in tow. Each of the challenges identified snow-balled into the other. The small keyword list, which featured broad search terms, lacked targeting and, as a result, was causing a very high cost per lead. In addition, failure to split test terms and groups was leaving them with an inability to fully understand the performance of their search terms.


The objective presented was to increase Santa Fe Wridgway’s lead generation ROI through strategic PPC management with Adwords Pay-Per-Click by at least 20%.

To meet the presented objective, the Contevo team strategised the following solutions:

  • The use of pay-per-click (PPC) advertising to create and refined highly qualified leads.
  • The setup of conversion tracking across Google Adwords to measure effectiveness.
  • Continuous A/B testing of the creative and ad copy throughout the campaign.
  • The setup of Google call tracking to determine the total cost-per-acquisition (CPA).
  • The setup of remarketing campaigns to pull visitors back to the website

The overall aim being to optimise the Adwords campaign and minimise CPA (cost per acquisition) and increase the number of qualified leads.

To implement and fulfil the solution, Contevo undertook a PPC management account refresh, with a focus on removing underperforming terms and refining the high conversion terms. The initial stages of the campaign saw the execution of Contevo’s 4 step account management principles, which involve setup, campaign creation, implementation, and optimisation.

The campaign was approached with a thorough dimensional analysis, keyword expansion and refinement, creative A/B testing, and ROI focused bid adjustments.


After 4 weeks of optimisation we observed large improvements across the board.


“The team at Contevo have superseded all of our expectations since we started our engagement for a PPC strategy. We were investing a 6 digit media budget with a large digital agency and were getting OK results. Contevo were able to increase our leads by 5X for the same budget, all within a few months.”
Antonino Rawbone – National Marketing Manager, Santa Fe Wridgways



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