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New Instagram Update Gets Us Closer To Content


A lot like it’s big brother, Facebook, Instagram has had us on our toes this year with a new logo, algorithm update, Stories, Insights, and Instagram for business. This new Instagram update is undeniably as big as any of the aforementioned. It’s been a long time coming – 5 years to be exact, but Instagram has finally given in!

That’s right, your curiosity now has legs to pinch, pull, and prod user images and videos. If you’re anything like us, you often go through the ‘ordeal’ of snapping a screen-capture of an Instagram image then zooming – but really, there is nowhere near enough pixel juice using this method.


New Instagram update


How does this New Instagram Update impact businesses?

This new update brings the focus back to Instagram’s core – user-generated content, and more specifically, images and video. The way to which this will impact business, and any brand wanting to contribute to their community, is simple.

The content you publish to your Instagram account will need to be of high quality. We’re not only referring to artistic value but resolution also. With the new Zoom feature, there is nowhere to hide. If your image is poor quality, little users will bother to interact with your content and brand. If you don’t keep up with the masses, expect to lose street-cred rapidly.

Another possible implication could involve the analytics and ‘Insights’ you receive on content. This new feature will most likely add more depth to reporting and our understanding of user behaviour, and their outright likes and dislikes.


New Instagram update
Zoom Zoom Max! (Get up close and personal with F1s!)


So will should we expect more new Instagram updates, changes, or surprises?

Well, as a part of the statement Instagram released on Zoom, they said: “…And as things change, we’re still focused on improving the core parts of Instagram.”

So it seems, yes, we should expect another new Instagram update very soon.

We’re waiting for you, Instagram (…Facebook…).

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Zoom and get lost in the eyes of cute cats.
Zoom and get lost in the eyes of cute cats.



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