Mobile App Install Ads: Facebook Adds Event-based Bidding

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Mobile App Install Ads: Facebook Adds Event-based Bidding


In an effort to generate more advertising revenue, Facebook is starting to roll out more and more options (Mobile App Install Ads) for marketers to target specific users, even if they’re not logged in to the social network.

One of these advertising options is mobile app install ads. Launched in 2012, these ads allow developers to promote their apps within  Facebook’s advertising network. Mobile app install ads now account for 10 – 20 percent of Facebook’s annual advertising revenue.


Mobile App Install Ads


Since the introduction of App Install ads, the way in which users download and use apps has changed dramatically – only an estimated 6 percent of users will come back to the app after 30 days. To help address this, Facebook has made enhancements to its mobile app install ads not only to encourage people to download the app but to also cue them to complete specific actions within the app. This will be made possible through App Event Optimization.

Mobile App Install Ads: How it works

With App Event Optimization, mobile app install ads will now be visible to people likely to do a specific action in your app, also known as an event. For example, if a developer wants users to make in-app purchases, mobile app install ads would be optimised for the Purchased event. If a developer wants to target users who are more likely to disclose payment information, the app install ads could be optimised for the Add Payment Info event.  There are 14 standard app events on which to optimise, depending on the business objective.

Developers interested in App Event Optimization can provide app events to Facebook and specify where the  app install ads should be displayed. Facebook’s algorithm will then look into the app’s historical data and consumer insights to locate the right audience for the ads.

Moreover, Facebook has created two new mobile app install ads: Dynamic ads which retarget users based on their web search history, and Canvas ads, which advertisers can use to host micro versions of their website on Facebook.

Mobile App Install Ads


Ad Event Optimisation will change the way advertisers bid for mobile app install ads. From just encouraging app downloads, they can now push for specific actions, depending on what’s important to them.

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