Lead Generation Strategies: The Content Tool You Need Now

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Lead Generation Strategies: The Content Tool You Need Now


If you’re in the B2B space, you most likely rely on lead generation services to implement tactics that will help engage businesses enough to initiate a conversation with you. Moreover, you don’t want just any person or business contacting you. You want to attract red-hot (qualified) leads!

The best way to qualify leads is through content and messaging and one of the most effective content tools you should be implementing are webinars.

In the Digital age, webinars are a must-have in a reputable digital marketing agency’s arsenal of lead generation strategies and in any company’s content asset bank.


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Lead Generation Strategies: Top 6 Reasons Why You Need To Host Webinars

Read on to discover our top 6 reasons for why your lead generation strategies should implement webinars:


  1. There are no geographical boundaries.

Unlike traditional seminars and conferences where attendees gather in a central location, webinars are not limited to participants in your city, region, or country. Anyone from anywhere in the world with internet access could attend, for as long as the webinar theme and content are relevant to them. You could now generate leads from around the globe.


  1. Hosting a webinar is affordable and entails a short lead time.

Unlike events where you have to book a venue, arrange for caterers, and provide logistical assistance to participants several months prior, all you need to host a webinar is a webinar platform, a description of your event, a subject matter expert, and a landing page – all of which can be created within a week. You can even work on the presentation while promoting the webinar.


  1. Hosting webinars help establish your authority and builds trust.

Webinars are an opportunity for your enterprise to showcase subject expertise and industry knowledge, as well as products and services.

By creating helpful and relevant webinars that answer an audience’s pain points, you are now in a position to establish and build a relationship with your potential customers. Offering expert advice in a free, easy-to-access format sends out a message that your company is not just after closing the next sale. Customers can get to know more about what your company does and what it can offer at a more in-depth level, something that infomercials and networking events fail to do.


  1. Webinars have repurposable content.

Webinars are easy to record and document – audiences can go through the content again and again as a reference – they would definitely appreciate this value added service. A webinar can also be built into a series of blog posts or an e-book, allowing you to present your content in a fresh, engaging way while reaching out to potential leads who weren’t able to participate in your webinar.


  1. Webinars generate qualified leads.

You can create and host webinar topics that are interesting and relevant to specific audiences. With the affordability of webinars, there is no crucial need to fill numbers or seats, so it’s not necessary to have a minimum or a maximum number of participants. All that matters is that these are the people you want to communicate to.


  1. What’s more, you can get to know your potential leads a bit more.

Among all the other lead generation strategies out in the market, webinars provide companies with the most opportunities to get more insights about their potential customers.

You can use the webinar’s registration landing page to ask for information beyond names, email addresses, mobile numbers, and job titles. How many employees do they have in their company? What are the challenges they are currently facing in their business? What pain points do they want to address? Create fields that you can use to gather data that can help your subject matter expert and sales team.

Holding polls and Q&A sessions during the webinar is a chance for you to engage with your audience. Certain webinar platforms even allow you to see which participant asked a particular question.

A post-webinar survey lets you interact with your audience long after the webinar has been completed. You can ask what future webinar topics they would be interested in participating in, what were their key takeaways, and how would they be applying the knowledge they’ve gained in their respective fields.  


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