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Instagram is more than a simple photo sharing app, it’s a sales machine. We’ve experienced this first hand when helping businesses generate a significant rise in sales from this platform. At Contevo, we’re a specialist Instagram agency that uses Instagram marketing to generate traffic, boost brand exposure, grow audiences, increase sales, and boost the revenue of all types of businesses, both small and large.

Our Instagram marketing strategy is more than a simple advertising campaign. We use proven techniques to build your brand on Instagram so that you continue to drive traffic, and sales, to your website for the rest of its life.

With highly targeted and data-backed Instagram ads, our Instagram marketing agency will ensure that your ads convert, deliver results, and grow revenue.

2128 Email Subscribers

for Coopers Beer

127% Increase in Social Community

for Goodyear Autocare

6854 Viral Campaign Shares




A marketing strategy is the backbone of any instagram management service. This is where we start. Our strategists will analyze your overall marketing strategy, market share, and growth avenues. We then evaluate Instagram to ensure it is the correct fit for your marketing strategy. Based on your business’s current needs, we identify objectives such as an increase in engagement, traffic boost, increase in sales and revenue, reduction in customer acquisition cost, or brand awareness. The tactics we use include Instagram advertising, content management and influencer marketing.


Instagram ads are powered by Facebook. We use Facebook’s targeting features to target exactly the right type of audience on Instagram for an optimal conversion rate. A unique audience group is created for every campaign targeting a unique audience need. This helps our analytics team at a later stage to analyze ads and boost conversions. Lookalike audiences are also a speciality of our team. We ensure that your media budget is allocated to ads that have the highest probability to boost ROI.


Not all the campaigns and ads perform equally well. This is why we look for conversion optimisation opportunities right from day one. As soon as your first campaign on Instagram goes live, our senior conversion specialists start monitoring and tweaking ads on a daily basis so that you don’t spend money on underperforming ads. We use industry cutting-edge techniques and tools for conversion optimization such as A/B testing, model comparison, heatmaps, clickmaps, Facebook pixels, and advanced tracking tools.


Analyzing your target audience, their interests, and buying behavior helps our advertising team get more insights to your audience. Our Instagram agency in Melbourne focuses on competitor research enabling us to identify high performing ads, audience types, channels, keywords, and hashtags that your top competitors use. Based on audience and competitor research, we develop a target market for your advertising campaigns that will be most likely to engage and convert.


In order to effectively and quickly set up several campaigns for different audiences, our advertising team gets to work immediately once the plan is developed by our strategists. As part of our Instagram marketing service, we run several Instagram campaigns at any given time, where each campaign has multiple ad types and several creatives. A well-thought out and simple campaign structure is maintained to help with analysis, growth and scale planning. We use preview layouts, flowcharts, and multiple tools to create campaigns and their structures.


As a specialist Instagram marketing agency in Melbourne, our goal isn’t to provide your business with one-time campaigns and ads. We aim to plan for future growth of your business to ensure we create a long term partnership. We achieve this by conducting critical analysis of every campaign and the ads that our team runs and manages. We use advanced analytics tools and techniques like tracking tools, Facebook pixels, KPIs, metric performance, to enable cross-channel growth. Based on the results, we can effectively scale your campaigns.

“Since engaging Contevo, they have become a vital part of our business. Contevo has formed a strong team, and their knowledge and understanding of marketing ensures the most effective methodologies are applied. Our user base has increased dramatically, doubling overall, with Contevo being the driving force behind the growth. Communications are fluid and of a high standard, with modern project management tools deployed.”
Scott Schulz – Chief Operating Officer, Vestabyte



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