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We grow your business and increase revenue by connecting you with the right influencers on leading social networking sites like Instagram.

Targeting influencers and persuading them to promote your product needs an actionable influencer marketing strategy. Influencer marketing has been proven to generate 11x more ROI than traditional marketing but only an experienced and skilled influencer marketing agency can deliver these results. At Contevo, we use influencer marketing alongside advanced tools to deliver exceptional ROI, brand awareness, and sales.

Our social media influencer agency will create a customised influencer marketing strategy for your business after critically analysing your target audience, buyer personas, industry, and leading micro and macro influencers. Our professional team and tools help us select the most relevant social media networks and influencers to create a cost-effective sales-focused influencer marketing campaign for your business.

Tracking and optimising influencer campaigns is a major part of our influencer marketing strategy. Our team of expert analysts use advanced tactics and strategies to improving sales while reducing campaign costs.

2128 Email Subscribers

for Coopers Beer

127% Increase in Social Community

for Goodyear Autocare

6854 Viral Campaign Shares




Our senior strategists will analyse your current marketing strategy and social media marketing strategy to fully understand how influencer marketing can help your business get new customers. We ensure that influencer marketing strategy blends with your business strategy. Our team of expert strategists analyse your ideal customers, your competitors, and your current market share to come up with a rigorous influencer marketing strategy that is aimed at growing your business.


Reaching out to the best influencers so they connect with your brand and promote your products is not an easy task but thanks to our expert PR and outreach specialists who work day in and day out to bring influencers on-board. We use several outreach tools, email marketing software, PR software, databases, and our own network to make sure your influencer marketing campaign is run by most relevant influencers.


We understand the importance of tracking and analysing your influencer marketing campaigns and that’s why we use the best tracking and analysis tools. Our social media marketing analysts track the progress of each social media post and of individual influencers. Tracking helps us identify best-performing influencers, social networks, types of content, post types, posting timing, engagement level, referral traffic, and much more. This data is used to tweak and optimise your influencer marketing strategy and individual campaigns.


Finding the best influencers for your brand is the job of our senior social media marketers who analyse several micro and macro influencers on all the leading social networking sites like Instagram. The purpose of this analysis is to find the most appropriate social networks and handpick the most relevant influencers. Our experts then get to work by creating influencer targeting campaigns that will help your business connect with the best influencers. This involves influencer buyer persona development, creating targeting campaigns, finding most appropriate channels to connect, and an actionable strategy template that can be used for all the target influencers for your brand.


Managing all the influencers who work on your campaigns is a must as it helps us analyse and track influencers, their reach, engagement, and how well they perform. Our social media influencer agency has some of the most innovative tools and apps that make managing this challenging task efficient. We track influencer progress, ensure they meet deadlines, analyse their posts, and provide them all the support they need to send targeted customers your way.


Contevo Scale Program is aimed at growing revenue from every campaign that we run. Once we find the best influencers, social networks, and highly engaging post types, we don’t stop there, our influencer marketing agency uses data and advanced techniques to reduce the cost of influencer marketing so that your business can get the best result at the least cost. Our senior strategists and growth planners use data, their experience, and AI tools to scale your campaigns for further growth and cost-reduction.

“Since engaging Contevo, they have become a vital part of our business. Contevo has formed a strong team, and their knowledge and understanding of marketing ensures the most effective methodologies are applied. Our user base has increased dramatically, doubling overall, with Contevo being the driving force behind the growth. Communications are fluid and of a high standard, with modern project management tools deployed.”
Scott Schulz – Chief Operating Officer, Vestabyte



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