How to Maximise Lead Generation via Facebook Ads & Posts in 2021

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How to Maximise Lead Generation via Facebook Ads & Posts in 2021

Boost the performance of your Facebook ads and posts for better conversions. Here are some of our best tips for refining and strengthening your digital marketing efforts on the platform.

Why Use Facebook for Lead Generation

There are many reasons to use Facebook for lead generation, including:

  • Facebook sales reached almost USD 86 billion in 2020 (
  • 2.6 billion people around the world use at least one of Facebook’s apps each day (
  • Facebook generated USD 17.65 billion in total revenue in Q3 2019 (
  • 83% of consumers use Facebook (
  • 66% have Liked or Followed a brand on Facebook (
  • 65% use Facebook to view photos, 57% use it to share content and 46% use the app to watch videos (
  • 89% of marketers use Facebook for brand marketing (
  • Brands that upload a median of 0.97 Facebook posts per day get a median engagement rate of 0.09% across all industries (

The Challenges of Lead Generation via Facebook

One of the main challenges of using Facebook for lead generation is consumers’ reasons for using the platform. Consumers primarily use the platform to share and interact with content, share status updates, and stay in touch with friends and family. 

For those reasons, many users may have an aversion to ads, especially if they feel that it is intrusive or that it negatively affects their experience of the platform. 

There’s also the notion that Facebook advertising works just like regular advertising in which marketers simply need to post ads for a product or service. 

Because of the nature of the platform, marketers need to be more intentional about their ads and product offerings. Further learning how to optimise, target, retarget, and measure Facebook ads can help you reach the right audience. 

Tips for Effective Lead Generation in 2021 and Beyond

Honest communication. 70% of Australians are concerned for their privacy with almost 9 in 10 wanting more control and choice when it comes to their personal information. When capturing leads on Facebook, make sure that your target audience understands exactly what they’re signing up for and what happens to their information right from the beginning.

Being clear about your value proposition will help ensure that the right Facebook users are providing their information for future communications. Give something useful in return for personal information. If you don’t offer value, it’s likely that you’re not getting many conversions. 

Further give them the assurance that you will use their information responsibly and that they won’t have to worry about spam emails and other forms of unwanted contact.

Audience segmentation. Determine how many Facebook users you want to reach each day. From there, tinker with your segments until you get to that range.  There are many parameters to use when segmenting an audience, but marketers often overlook Facebook Life Events, which include weddings, childbirth, graduations, and new jobs. Once you have your parameters, identify what kind of content, product, or service your target audience is most likely to be interested in. 

Another tip is to set up a custom audience to retarget Facebook users who clicked your ad but didn’t convert. This gives you insight into what might be needed to give your target audience that final nudge towards converting. 

Lead magnets. Going back to the topic of value proposition, whatever you provide to encourage conversions is considered a lead magnet. This can be anything from free eBook downloads and newsletters to discount codes and free trials. 

Once you know what kind of lead magnet is likely to encourage your target audience to convert, you need to share information about this offer in your Facebook ad copy and why it’s valuable to them. This can help persuade your target audience. 

Landing pages. Link your Facebook ad to a landing page with a clear, strong message to match your offer. Further you don’t have to link all your ads to the same landing page or your official website. Your landing page simply needs to be aligned with what you offered or discussed in that particular ad. 

If you’re asking your target audience to provide personal information in the ad copy, make sure that the corresponding landing page doesn’t ask for any more information than what was originally discussed.

Split testing. Test your Facebook ads and landing pages constantly. Modify various elements of your ad copy and landing pages to see which combinations have the best conversion rates.

It’s also advisable to add video content to landing pages to increase conversion rates. Facebook users love watching videos, with 46% of them consuming video content on the platform as well as Instagram (51%) and Snapchat (50%). If you’ve never included videos in your landing pages, this is a good time to get started. 

Facebook Live. Live video is quickly becoming an important tool for social marketers, 42% of whom claim that they have already developed a Facebook Live strategy. You have a wide range of options when it comes to live streaming content. For ecommerce, it opens up new ways of communicating with your target audience and providing value in exchange for conversions.

For example, you can offer customers an exclusive first look at your latest collection with a Q&A, requiring them to register and provide their contact information for the live event. 

Lead scoring matrix. Create a lead scoring matrix to refine outreach efforts and to better prioritise leads. This will help quantify your target audience’s interactions with different kinds of content.

For instance, if a Facebook user engages an offer closer to the bottom of the funnel, then they should have a higher score on the matrix compared to another user who is engaging an offer higher up on the funnel. This will help you target Facebook users who are further along the buyer journey, and who are more likely to convert sooner. 

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