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Accelerate your sales with a Google Shopping Management

The ongoing struggles of sales generation for your e-commerce store ends here.

Is it getting challenging to make your ads convert? Chances are you’ve been doing it wrong. Increasing your store’s sales needs an expert approach.

You need a strong Google Shopping management that’s powered by your shopping feed and set-up correctly. Contevo creates engaging Product Listing Ads that ensure your offerings stand out from the crowd.

When you work with us, we guarantee:

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Merchant Centre Set Up

We analyse your store, its products and your business strategy to ensure sure feed is set up correctly. This allows our team to understand your business’s core marketing and sales needs.

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Google Product Feed Management

Your complex product feed data is converted into real, actionable marketing data that helps you better understand your target audience, demographics, and buyer behavior.

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Conversion Optimisation

We have an advanced conversion optimisation system at Contevo that allows us to convert a maximum number of visitors from shopping ads into real-time, high-paying customers.

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Google Shopping Strategy

We use high converting pay per click marketing tactics to maximise results. This means we’re able to help you uncover new opportunities and drive performance.

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Audience & Competitor Research

We use the latest tools combined with our in-house strategies, created and refined over the years for insightful audience and competitor research.

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Growth & Scale Planning

Our Google Shopping campaigns identify high-performing ads, products, landing pages, and ad copy. We then scale and replicate to improve month on month.

The benefits of working with Contevo for your PPC marketing.

Contevo’s Continuous Evolution Process

Working with a conversion focused Google Shopping agency means our primary focus is on actual sales instead of simply traffic. Achieving an optimal conversion rate and a ROI that enables our clients to significantly grow their businesses is just the beginning. The growth and scale planning runs simultaneously with this approach – allowing our team to adjust, scale, and measure campaigns in real-time.

Advanced Data & Analysis

With the use of our audience & competitor analysis, we are able to locate the most profitable ads and keywords from every single ad that’s live. Our team then refines and optimises the shopping campaign for your business. By keeping your brand’s overall marketing strategy at the heart of our approach, we can ensure that it accurately represents all of your marketing and advertising goals.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

Peter Holton

spectur ltd

Frequently asked questions.

Adding your business information, website details, payment manager setup, and meeting URL requirements are the initial setup procedures that our expert team will take care of. We ensure that your merchant account will be configured with your website, helping you drive sales and achieve a total boost on your ROI.

We continually improve elements of your site and ad campaign with the use of our advanced tracking tools, real-time monitoring by our conversion specialists, A/B testing, heat maps, third-party tools, Analytics, and AdWords.

We rely on advanced analytics and audience demographics to create campaigns that convert at an exceptional pace, resulting in an overall increase on your sales.

In order to fully understand your store, its core products, product features, pricing model, and other details, we create and manage your product feed for Google shopping Australia. We don’t just aim to make one-time sales – we aim to understand your core products and manage them repeat purchases.

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Valued at $1197