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Are you struggling to generate sales for your e-commerce store? Is it getting challenging to make your ads convert? Chances are you’ve been doing it wrong. Increasing your store’s sales needs a more expert approach than simply running an ad campaign. What you need is a strong Google Shopping Campaign – powered by your shopping feed. Our confidence comes from delivering exceptional results in the form of sales and ROI for every campaign that we run.

Working with a conversion focused Google Shopping agency means our primary focus is on actual sales instead of simply traffic. We rely on advanced analytics and audience demographics to create campaigns that convert at an exceptional rate, resulting in an overall increase in sales. We have several case studies demonstrating what we can achieve for your business in record time.

Contevo creates engaging Product Listing Ads that ensure your offerings stand out from the crowd. Every campaign is optimized for conversions and sales and is aligned to your business and overall marketing strategy.

2128 Email Subscribers

for Coopers Beer

127% Increase in Social Community

for Goodyear Autocare

6854 Viral Campaign Shares




We analyze your store, its products, philosophy, and your business strategy before moving ahead. This allows our senior strategists to understand your business’s core marketing and sales needs. We then set up your store’s merchant center account helping you drive sales and boost ROI. Adding your business information, website details, payment manager setup, and meeting URL requirements are initial setup procedures that our expert team will take care of. We ensure your merchant account is configured with your website.


In order to fully understand your store, its core products, product features, pricing model, and other details, we create and manage your product feed for Google shopping Australia and worldwide. We don’t just aim to make one-time sales, instead, we aim to understand your core products and then manage them in a way that every customer generated converts into a loyal customer. Our team will manage your entire product feed – whether you’ve 10 or 100K products. Your complex product feed data is converted into real, actionable marketing data that helps you better understand your target audience, demographics, and buyer behavior.


We have a next level conversion optimization system at Contevo that allows us to convert a maximum number of visitors from shopping ads into high-paying customers. We do this by continuously tracking and monitoring your campaigns from day one. We use advanced tracking tools, real-time monitoring by our conversion specialists, A/B testing, heat maps, third-party tools, Analytics, and AdWords. We continually improve elements of your site to improve the likelihood that every visitor who arrives in your store converts and becomes a loyal customer.


Setting up a Google Shopping Feed is quite different to creating a shopping feed strategy. By keeping your brand’s overall marketing strategy at the heart of our approach, we can ensure that it accurately represents your marketing and advertising goals. Having a holistic view of your business goals means we’re able to help you uncover new opportunities and make the best growth decisions for your business stage using this highlY converting pay per click marketing tactic.


Our audience and competitor research program is a one-of-its-kind. You won’t find it anywhere else in the market. We use the latest tools combined with our in-house strategies, created and refined over the years for insightful audience and competitor research. This results in discovering the exact mix of keywords used by your target audience to find your products. With the help of our competitor analysis tactics, we locate their most profitable ads, target keywords, CPC, and the profit that is being generated from every single campaign they’re running. Our team then refines and creates a better performing shopping campaign for your business.


Achieving an optimal conversion rate and an ROI that enables our clients to significantly grow their businesses is just the beginning. Our Google Shopping Melbourne program will identify high-performing ads, products, landing pages, and ad copy. Tweaking and replicating the highest performing ads can result in significantly greater revenue levels. The growth and scaling plan runs simultaneously with conversion optimization, allowing our team to adjust, scale, and measure campaigns in real-time. We don’t believe in wasting money on ads that don’t perform.

“Since engaging Contevo, they have become a vital part of our business. Contevo has formed a strong team, and their knowledge and understanding of marketing ensures the most effective methodologies are applied. Our user base has increased dramatically, doubling overall, with Contevo being the driving force behind the growth. Communications are fluid and of a high standard, with modern project management tools deployed.”
Scott Schulz – Chief Operating Officer, Vestabyte



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