Focus On These 3 Marketing Elements To Skyrocket Conversion Rates

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Focus On These 3 Marketing Elements To Skyrocket Conversion Rates

High conversion rate is a universal goal for every digital entrepreneur. It’s the mother of all KPI’s and keeping it high means business is good.

But sometimes the road to improving your conversion rate can become quite confusing. With so many constant tweaks and updates to Facebook ads manager and Google Ads, combined with the hundreds of digital marketing strategies available for you to adopt, it’s practically impossible to know which one to focus on.

In this guide, we’ll tell you the 3 most important elements of digital advertising and why they’re worth more than the rest combined. 

By the end of it, we’ll explain why they perform so well at exponentially improving the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.


Creatives are the visual impact your brand makes on the consumer. They can be in the form of a logo, an image, a video, or even a gif. 

Focusing on creating stunning visuals is a must for increasing conversion rates. This is due to how specific its purpose is. When looking at a Facebook ad, for example, the first thing you’ll notice is not the caption nor the website link, but the image or video attached to it. That’s why it’s so important to create visuals that your audience will connect with.

It fulfils the first step of landing a sale…capturing the audience’s attention. It’s usefulness doesn’t stop there though. Creatives also inform the viewers of what the product or service is, much faster than words can. In fact, visuals are processed by the human brain 60,000 times faster than text.

There’s no doubt that while creatives themselves don’t necessarily push consumers to purchase, it starts their journey of finding out more about the brand, its identity, and eventually the products or services they offer.

How To Utilise Effective Creatives

You may already know how effective creatives are in converting audiences to customers, but there is a right and a wrong way to do it. Here’s a list of valuable information to consider when having creatives made:

  1. The most powerful type of creative is an original one from the brand itself or their partnered agency
  2. 91% of consumers say that visual content is the most influential factor when deciding on a purchase
  3. Consistency (in terms of style, colour, etc.) is key to promote brand awareness and for acquiring perceived trustworthiness from consumers. 
  4. Choosing the perfect colour palette is game-changing. Colour matters a lot more than most realise when it comes to processing images. There’s a reason why so many fast food companies favour colours such as red and yellow in their branding. Most companies will use specific colours so that consumers can instantly recognise them.


Image courtesy of Dbrand

If creatives dig inside the minds of consumers 60,000 times quicker than text, copywriting on the other hand digs much deeper. This builds up an emotional response from the consumer towards the topic, which is, your brand. Copywriting is what sets the tone of the brand, giving it personality and identity, while enforcing the values it’s trying to portray.

Copywriting comes in 9 major forms, but all of them can be written using a powerful method called Storytelling. Since the beginning of time, humans have passed down stories and used them to shape their environment. From culture, to tradition, to values, to personality, stories have a strong impact on the reader and have been used by digital marketers to promote various products or services for as long as digital marketing has existed.

So how does copywriting help achieve higher conversions? Following on from the example we used for creatives which is Facebook Ads, if creatives are the attention-grabbers, copy is the reason your target audience actually takes the effort to click on the advertisement. Copy moulds the emotions of consumers and entices them to take action.

How To Utilise Powerful Copywriting

Copywriting is a polarising element of acquiring digital sales. Subpar copy can result in negative ROI while great copy can skyrocket your conversions. To help you get started, here are some tips for creating impactful copy:

  1. Storytelling improves a brand’s image, pricing power, and conversion rate.
  2. Copy that can be easily understood by third-graders has 36% more response rates than those filled with industry jargon.
  3. Headlines that fit within the recommended number of characters higher more click through and open rates.
  4. Copy that focuses on benefits instead of features generates more interest from consumers

Landing Page

The place consumers end up at after having seen, read, and clicked on your brand’s ad. During the first few seconds of viewing your landing page, the consumer has already evaluated the credibility of your brand. A landing page’s sole purpose is to guide the consumer from the ad they clicked on, to making a conversion, so the landing page should compliment the ad. There must be cohesion between the ad and the landing page or consumers may change their mind about making a conversion, thinking that the link is incorrect or the brand doesn’t appear as credible as they initially thought.

A landing page is the combination of the first 2 elements – creatives & copy, with a touch of page optimisation and web design. This is the first (and possibly last) chance to truly impress and convince the prospective customer. An LP is crucial for converting cold to hot audiences because it’s essentially the digital ‘home base’ for your brand.

It’s the deciding factor of whether you’re trustworthy, a source of value, and most importantly… better than the competition.

What makes a powerful landing page? Finding the symmetry between:

  1. Conveying a clear message through creatives (graphic design) and,
  2. Tapping into consumers emotions through impactful copywriting.

Although keep in mind, that still isn’t enough to convince a consumer to convert if they don’t know anything about your brand. A professional web design agency for example would also take into account the landing page’s loading speed, architecture, UX, behaviour tracking, mobile-friendliness, and much more which all together emphasise to the consumer that your brand is legit and trustworthy.

How To Build A High-Converting Landing Page

Landing pages are tricky since there’s no one-size-fits-all approach that works. Every LP is structured differently depending on the brand’s industry, market standing, products or services, etc. With that in mind, here are some tips to improve landing page conversion rates:

  1. Create a strong, clean, and clear “Above the Fold”* section
  2. A/B Testing multiple landing pages (30 or more) yields 7x better results than those with fewer (less than 10)
  3. Use purpose-filled graphics. Informative visuals pushes consumers towards the CTA much better than generic visuals
  4. Personalised copywriting & design per audience type generates better quality leads and sales.


*Above the Fold: The section of a landing page which is immediately visible to consumers when the page loads

Why Are These Elements So Effective In Increasing Conversion Rates?

Of all the factors that affect conversion rates, these 3 have one thing in common. They’re what the consumer experiences. While working on the “behind the scene” stuff such as bidding strategies, campaign management, smart budget allocation, etc. can give an incremental increase in conversions, the true conversion rate boosters are the elements that your audience sees, hears, and interacts with.

Creatives, Copywriting, and Landing Pages are the journey that transforms consumers into paying customers. That’s why working on improving these 3 can drastically increase your conversion rate.

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