Facebook News Feed Updates: Friends and Family Come First

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Facebook News Feed Updates: Friends and Family Come First


In this day and age, there’s simply too much information to sift through 24/7. Try scrolling down your Facebook News Feed and a bottomless pit comes to mind!

So how can you cut through the clutter and make sure that you don’t miss out on news, photos, videos, status updates, and other content that you feel are important?

Facebook took this concern to heart and in fact is the guiding principle behind its News Feed values – that it will rank content based on what you want to see.

It aims to answer this question: Among thousands of stories being published by the second, what would make up each user’s top 10 picks?

The answer: Posts from friends and family, which one would most likely care about.


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This makes each News Feed subjective, personal, and uniquely relevant.

What comes after posts from friends and family?

According to Facebook, posts that inform are next in line. It could be a current event, news about a favourite celebrity, DIY tutorials, or a recipe. Following these are posts that entertain; these could be live videos, memes, and funny images (puppy dogs and kittens cuddling…anyone?!).

Facebook is constantly tweaking its algorithms to make sure your News Feed is populated with the right mix of these content types.

Moreover, Facebook aims to give you full control of your news feed experience by adding features like “Hide”, “Unfollow”, and “See First”. These features also serve as a feedback mechanism that helps Facebook understand your content preferences.


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What Facebook News Feed Updates Mean for Facebook Business Pages

“The strength of our community depends on authentic communication. The feedback we’ve gotten tells us that authentic stories are the ones that resonate most,” says Facebook.  

This means that content seen as misleading, sensational, and spammy will be seen less by users. Promotional content from Pages will rank low as well.

“What we discovered is that a lot of the content people see as too promotional is posts from Pages they like, rather than ads,” explains Facebook in another update.

But if the traffic going to a Page is a result of people sharing the content and their friends liking and commenting on it, the News Feed controls will have less impact on a Page’s audience reach.

The secret then, for businesses, is to constantly create content that is naturally engaging and share-worthy and to post following Facebook’s 
best practices.

While the visibility of some Pages will be affected by the News Feed updates,  Facebook reiterates that Pages will remain an important part of a business’ strategy. The company is coming up with ways to add more features into Pages and is helping businesses gather local market intelligence and target specific audiences.

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