Breaking: A New Facebook Business Page Layout Roll-out Is Happening Right Now

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Breaking: A New Facebook Business Page Layout Roll-out Is Happening Right Now


Yes! You read that title right, Facebook seem to be in the process of launching a brand new Facebook business page layout! If you have been following Facebook’s movements with a watchful eye you would have noted their many updates for business, and although this update will also benefit Facebook business pages, it’s something new for users to get excited about too!

Thus far in 2016, we have been introduced to the new Facebook Pixel, Facebook Messenger Updates for Business, Facebook Local Insights for Business, and the news that Facebook Ads will now be targeting non-members – just to name a few!

So it’s no surprise that the busy bees at Facebook Hq have also been working on a shiny new facelift for business pages.


Facebook business page layout

New Facebook Profile Update


Facebook Business Page Layout 2016: The Changes

So far, this is these are the major (desktop) changes to come to the new Facebook profile layout in 2016:

  • The user-profile image now appears on the top left-hand side, totally detached from the cover photo.
  • The top navigation tabs now appear vertical to the left, just under the profile picture area. These include Home, About, Photos, Likes, Videos, Posts, Manage Tabs.
  • There is a noticeable blue Promote button under the navigation menu on the left side.
  • A new call to action button on the right-hand side under the cover photo, which reads ‘Send Email’.
  • In the home page view, business page insights are forefront and centre, directly underneath the Post/Status box.

The mobile view takes on a lot of the same characteristics of the desktop view:


Facebook business page layout update 2016 mobile


Our team’s first impressions of the new Facebook business page layout?

We’re actually loving this clean easy-to-navigate new look! It may be a coincidence, but this layout is giving us Twitter feels – can you see it?!


One thing is for sure, Facebook is further pushing business’ to invest and spend in their advertising space. And why wouldn’t you? With over 1.4 billion users and access to non-members, the collective audience data is valuable to any business!

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More to come on the new Facebook business page layout…!

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