Facebook Ads To Start Targeting Non-Members

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Facebook Ads To Start Targeting Non-Members


In case you didn’t know, Facebook ads already dominate the second largest proportion of the online ad market at 10.7%, behind only Alphabet Inc (Google’s parent company) at 33.3%. In 2015, Facebook turned over a billion dollars in online ad revenue, compared to Google’s $4.4 billion. But Facebook’s latest endeavour has them fighting to become not only a rival but a leader in internet advertising.

facebook ads advertising targeting non-users


Facebook Ads Targeting Non-Members

Announced on 26th May 2016, the social media giant is expanding its ad network of third-party apps and sites, known as the Facebook Audience Network (FAN). The FAN is a way of allowing marketers to serve targeted ads on apps and mobile websites of those partnered with the product.

Facebook’s new development means it now has the ability to let advertisers reach people who are not logged in, or even registered with the site. Meaning that even if you don’t have an account, Facebook will still be able to market to you based on your interests and habits.

But with Facebook’s successful targeting based solely on direct information from users (such as liked pages and geotagged photos), how will they be able to successfully market to those without an active account? The answer is cookies. Every time you see an embedded ‘Like’ button on a web page, you’re communicating with Facebook, regardless of whether you click on it. Cookies track this, so all of the same user information is shared with websites and third-party sharing and analytics widgets. Another approach is ‘lookalike marketing’.

Facebook has over 1.7 billion users so the data available is overwhelmingly detailed and expansive. By using this data and discovering people’s interests and habits, suggestions about the behaviour of similar individuals who are non-members can be made and targeted with.

Regardless of your use or opinion of Facebook ads, the social media empire is quickly ascending the ladder of online advertising dominance. With plans to now target beyond the 72% of adult users, Facebook is truly a marketing force to be reckoned with.

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