Facebook Ads Best Practices of 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

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Facebook Ads Best Practices of 2019 – The Ultimate Guide

Let’s get right at it – Facebook is without a doubt, the most popular social network on the planet. With over 1.23 billion active daily visitors and 2.27 billion active monthly users, Facebook has marked itself as the leading social media platform in the world.

Australia contributes to a huge chunk of 15 million active users on Facebook – maximising Facebook ad reach potential to
60% of the total Australian population.

According to Web.com, Facebook also ranks as the number one driver of (ROI) Return of Investment for businesses and advertisers; taking in a total of 95.8%, with both Twitter (63.5%) and Instagram (40.1%) placing in the second and third spots respectively.

5 Reasons Why Facebook is the Best Marketing Tool Used Today


We can all agree that Facebook has the highest user penetration. Whether you’re ad is set to target teens, grown-ups or seniors, Facebook has the above demographics covered. Omnicore Agency states that there are about 88% online users ranging from age 18-29 (82% college graduates), 84% age 30-49, and 62% aged 65+.

The biggest monthly active users come from Asia, raking in a total of 894 million, followed by US with a total of 210 million.

Its ‘Magnetic’ Power


Ever since Facebook arrived on the scene, it has erupted and wiped out most of the other major social media platforms in the 2000’s e.g. MySpace and Friendster. As technology rapidly evolved, people’s constant need to remain updated and active on social media has inevitably turned Facebook as the world’s top social networking site.

This graph shows that 93% of social media advertisers prefer the use of Facebook ads, giving you the highest value and traffic for both your business’ sales and overall growth.

Affordable Ad Placement

On average, a Facebook ad costs as little as $5.99 per thousand impressions. You can also have the option to freely set and manage your own budget, making any additional or unexpected marketing expenses out of the equation.

Omnicore Agency states that the average CPC for Facebook ads is $1.72, average CTR is 0.9%, and Average CPM is $7.92 but this will vary depending on the industry and competitiveness.

Target Advertising

Facebook lets you lay down your target audience by age, gender, location, interests and many other factors. One of its most popular options being Local Awareness ads; which target local customers who are on their mobile devices and conversion ads which hone in on uses most likely to convert on your website.

Measures ROI Value

When you choose to advertise your business on Facebook, the ‘free’ Facebook Insights tool gives you the power to track results of your Facebook marketing – which includes your ads and organic posts. This means you can get an in depth look on how users and possible clients engage (e.g. likes, comments, shares) with your business along with various website events via the Facebook pixel which is constantly being improved.

4 Facebook Ads Best Practices for 2019

So what are the key ingredients needed to ensure that your ad does achieve the performance that it deserves? See your business efficiently grow its ROI potential by following four of the most effective Facebook ad practices used today.

Visual Power

Online advertisements always have to work harder than others. For instance, on television, people are regularly inclined to watch commercials because they are waiting for their show or movie to come back on. For print, there’s no limit per se – as readers can freely spend their times looking through ads and product lists over and over again, if they choose to.

As you advertise on Facebook – where people can easily scroll down or ignore ads; the most important thing to remember is to ‘Lay it all on the visual’. Your ad must have the power to capture people’s attention in an instant. If you have locked on their full attention, then they’re all yours.

Relevance is Key

One of the most important things to consider in Facebook advertising is knowing how to make your ads fully enticing to both your market and target audience. Make the most out of your investment (and time) by making sure your ad stays highly relevant to what your audience wants.

If you keep your audience happy and interested, then chances are they will keep on enjoying your ads as well. To achieve this, really understanding your audience is vital to ensure your targeting in Facebook and your messaging are properly aligned.

Effective Value Proposition

Investopedia defines Value Proposition as a business or marketing statement that a company uses to summarize why a consumer should buy a product or use a service. How do you prove to your readers that your product is actually what they want or need? By alluring them in an ad statement that has a clear and concise deliverance of your product value.

For example, if you are an online clothing shop and you say “Register now for free, unique products at different colors, shapes and sizes. Browse today!” – you are not really giving the audience anything to look forward to. But if you mention“Get 100 off your total purchase, plus free shipping nationwide!” then you have succeeded in delivering a solid value proposition and they will more likely to click on your ad.

Call (To-Action) or Nothing

This is the ‘Golden Ticket’ in the world of advertising. No matter how good or enticing an ad is, it all comes down to the most valuable question: “did the audience press the click button?”. Great ads have the power to make potential clients, REAL clients. So be sure to leave a sense of urgency to your advertisement that will make the audience actually click on your ad. The best way to achieve this is to always ensure that you have a clear CTA (call to action). Your conversion rates will always increase with clear instructions like “Shop our new range today!” or “Redeem your 10% discount before midnight”.      

Facebook Ad Categories

Photo  Link Ad

One of the most used type of Facebook ads are Link ads. They are simple, clean, and direct to the point. Highly loved by consumers, photo ads are easy to digest and do not hinder the consumer’s feed unlike other types of interruptive ads (e.g. pop-up ads, pop-up video with sounds). For many industries, they are also the highest converting as they provide a strong single message and focus.

Video Ad

Video ads are like commercials – they are able to give the audience a more detailed visual and idea of the overall business or type of product that you are selling. They also appear larger on the user’s feed and have the capacity to build more brand engagements.

Multi-product Ad

This type of ad is very creative and users can get the most value out of it thanks to the communication of multiple products or messages. Multi-product ads showcase a wide array of products or services in a single ad. It also lets the audience scroll through all the images and click on each of their individual links for a more selective end experience and potentially a higher chance of conversion.

Offer Ad

This type of Facebook ad gives the business an opportunity to promote a specific offer (e.g. free vouchers, discounts) that can be redeemed directly from Facebook. This process is highly convenient and saves time on both the business and the product consumer.

What’s more, it eliminates any unnecessary clicks on the consumer’s side, letting them redeem the offer with a simple click of a button.

Retargeting Ad

Retargeting ads are one of the most innovative types of online ads in the market today. Have you ever gone on Youtube to view a certain video, and have the same type of videos be placed on your recommendation list? Facebook has the same capacity. It lets an ad be promoted to a specific list of formerly identified people; giving your business larger sales probability. This can be implemented by targeting all of your previous website visitors, previous Facebook or Instagram page engagers, and your existing customer database.

How Contevo Can Help Maximise Your ROI Facebook Ads Potential

Here at
Contevo, we are driven by one thing – ‘Continuous Evolution’. We aim to not only service our clients’ needs, we strive to showcase their full growth and ROI potential. We help our clients design and execute their sales blueprint so that they can grow and scale their businesses using advanced market-leading technology.

We Lead The Way

Contevo knows how to create compelling and persuasive ads that can help your business reach the right group of audience – connecting your brand with your potential customers and ultimately giving your site its target traffic and sales.

We have over 15 years of social media marketing experience – we can fully manage a social media marketing campaign across various social media websites for companies of all sizes. We specialise in Facebook Marketing, Instagram Marketing, Youtube Advertising and Influencer Marketing.

As your digital knowledge partner, we can help you maximise your full business potential by enabling you to make intuitive decisions – every step of the way.

Let’s begin today, shall we?

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