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How to Organise Facebook Ad Campaigns

At the very top level, you have the notion of Social Media Marketing – and within that, you have Facebook Ad campaigns. But when we delve further into Facebook ads, the core success of these…
instagram paid partnerships

Instagram Paid Partnerships To Add More Transparency

Instagram recently announced the trial launch of a new scheme to more explicitly denote a “paid partnership” among influencers using the social media app. Influencers refer to the many celebrities and self-made users who promote…
AMP eCommerce accelerated mobile pages google mobile-first

How To Use Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) For Ecommerce

AMP, a neat acronym which stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. For those who have never come across the term, AMP is an open-source project, created by Google in late 2015. This initiative aims to “make the…
Google fred update algorithm seo

Google’s Fred Update: How To Avoid Losing Organic Traffic

If you’re wondering: “Who is Fred?” And, “Why is Fred coming after my rankings?” It’s time to stop fretting because we’ve got the down-low on this most recent Google algorithm update. Google’s Fred came about…

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