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SEO and Content Marketing: Why They Should Be Implemented Together

There’s a bit of a confusion around SEO and content marketing. While many people continue to think of SEO and content marketing as two different strategies, others believe that content marketing does away with the…

Instagram Advertising and Demographics: What You Need To Know

With over 90% of Instagram’s 300 million users under the age of 35, marketing on the platform is a little different to other digital media. Unlike Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, it’s not simply a…

3 Vital Elements of a Successful Content Marketing Strategy

Many organisations struggle with digital marketing because of a misguided impulse to work on various strategies independently of one another instead of seeing it as one big strategic process. This often leads to a disjointed,…

10 Signs You Need Help Managing Your PPC Campaigns

If you’re fairly new to the pay per click (PPC) arena, or are just getting back into the scene after being away for a period, mastering the many intricacies (and new features) can be a…

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