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How To Gain an Instagram Following That Double Taps

Instagram ad revenue is said to reach $2.81 billion USD by 2017. That’s almost 10% of Facebook’s annual profit. That’s a lot of money and a lot of ads. This is why we’ve created this…

5 Ways To Be a More Efficient Social Media Marketer

Businesses have complemented traditional marketing tools with social media strategies to grow their business. Social media is cost-effective and enables any business to reach out to a bigger and broader market in ways that would…

SEO and Content Marketing: Why They Should Be Implemented Together

There’s a bit of a confusion around SEO and content marketing. While many people continue to think of SEO and content marketing as two different strategies, others believe that content marketing does away with the…

Instagram Advertising and Demographics: What You Need To Know

With over 90% of Instagram’s 300 million users under the age of 35, marketing on the platform is a little different to other digital media. Unlike Google AdWords or Facebook Advertising, it’s not simply a…

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