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How To Recover Lost Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Remarketing

The consumer journey is experiencing radical changes as behaviours shift with developing mobile technologies. With these changes come challenges. Cart abandonment rate is a colossal challenge, which, at times, is ignored. The truth of the…

Here is How Instagram Shopping Will Change Your Community

  There are times when the likes of Facebook and Google come out with new and unexpected updates that throw a spanner in the works. Instagram Shopping is more a natural progression than a radical…

Google Penalties to be Handed Out for This 1 Thing

As more and more people are using their smartphones to access the internet, Google is continuously striving to create a Mobile-First environment, introducing changes to enhance the user’s mobile experience. If websites fail to comply…

These Secret Facebook Services Will Blow Your Mind

There are specific, and we suspect – secret Facebook services that you are yet to hear about, well…until today. This is by no means a conspiracy theory. It’s more like a thorough investigation of the…

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