Digital Marketers: These Are 7 Awesome Qualities You Need

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Digital Marketers: These Are 7 Awesome Qualities You Need


Did you hear about that developer who made 4 million overnight…what’s his name? We don’t really care about the names of the rich, successful, and super-smart. What we do care about are the qualities and habits that have positioned these digital marketers so high in the ranks.

Like most other professions, being a successful digital marketer does not come easy (…like Sunday morning). In order to be successful, it’s essential for professionals to straight-out quit what didn’t work yesterday and acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to grow fruits for tomorrow.
If you’re a business – the demand for digital marketing professionals is forever increasing as business becomes entrenched in the online world. When it’s time for you to invest in digital marketing solutions, it’s important to know what qualities to look out for in a digital marketer. Just know – there are specific qualities of a digital marketer that will set the great apart from the…‘just okay’.

If you’re a digital marketer – we want to motivate you to take on new skills, focus on better behaviours, and reassure yourself that you’re an awesome individual for choosing this career.


7 (Ridiculously) Awesome Qualities All Digital Marketers Need

Here are five of the most critical skills a digital marketer needs to have in order to succeed.


1. Flexibility

Everything in digital marketing moves at lightning speed and change is the only constant you can count on. In order to have a sustainable career, you need to be open to change and enjoy the unpredictable climate of the industry. You need to be able to go where the wind takes you, or at the very least, be a trailblazer through their initiative.


digital marketers flexible


2. Problem Solving

As online specialists, you are at the frontier of advancement. There will be times when you have faced challenges that haven’t been encountered before. You need to be someone who is able to plan and set goals but have the skills and tactical mind necessary to adjust to what comes your way. Your frame of mind should always be focused on how to improve and do things even better.

3. Competitive Nature

Effective digital marketers don’t work in isolation. You need to be able to assess and keep your competition in check. With the speed in which everything happens, you need to be someone who refuses to be left behind.

4. Creativity

Online marketers often have strong backgrounds in design and copywriting. A crucial element in digital marketing is creativity and innovation and both are as essential as any other quality. It’s not enough to be able to keep up with your competition; you need to come up with something better and different with each and every project.


digital marketers creative team



5. Socially Adept

Working in social networking and digital media means making sociable connections online. Being sociable enables you to work well with others and communicate in an effective manner. Aside from being able to hold productive, professional relationships, online marketers should understand how to effectively communicate with your customer base.

6. Data Analysis

You must be wondering how two polar opposites like hard-data and creativity mesh within one person. While it’s usually one or the other, digital marketers need to be able to track trends and gauge the success of campaigns in real time. Being able to measure direct and indirect influence through digital analytics is the key to strategic planning.

7. Detail Oriented

People want information fast, so digital marketing professionals need to be able to provide information in the simplest yet catchy ways. An effective and meaningful campaign boils down to the smallest detail. Marketers should be detail oriented with a keen eye for the smallest detail.


As the digital marketing continues to grow, professionals need to adapt and master new skills in order to be of value to their company and the overall industry.

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