Contevo Granted With Official Facebook Partner Badge

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Contevo Granted With Official Facebook Partner Badge

Facebook Marketing Partners is a global community of companies known for excellence on their specialised platforms. As Facebook Partner Badge appointees, these companies get reviewed according to what they do and offer best – helping to generate better performance for their bodies.

We are proud to announce that as of December 2018, Contevo has officially been granted the Official PRO Facebook Marketing Partner Badge. This merit has only been given to a very selected list of agencies across the Asia-Pacific region – enabling us to raise the bar of great incomparable service at soaring new peaks for all of our social media marketing clients.

With this badge by our side, our agency can receive technical support, get invited to partner-only events & programs, along with opportunities for exclusive training, education and so much more.

This also means that we can provide a more specifically enhanced measurement on our clients’ Facebook ads – continually broadening our social media services across all platforms.

According to Facebook, “Only companies that meet our highest standard for capability and performance earn the Facebook Marketing Partner badge, so you know they’re the best.”

Facebook Partner Badge | The Exclusive Perks

As an official Facebook marketing partner, our company gets to have complete access to a comprehensive package of support and growth drivers – which in turn helps us to work more efficiently and lets our Conversion Focused Digital Agency help our clients with superior support and tools.

Dedicated Technical Support

We now have with us our very own Facebook technical support crew, helping us assist you with all your technical issues and have them get resolved in no time – providing us both with more effective time frames and enhanced customer service.

Innovative Spotlight

Facebook holds an annual ‘Spotlight’ competition that highlights the year’s most exciting new innovations. This puts us straight in the candidacy list, driving us to work even harder to present our clients with fresh, out-of-the-box ideas that keep on hitting the bigger picture – and all without miss.

Growth Sprints

Another  great perk that this badge entails, is the opportunity to collaborate internally with Facebook experts in high-impact work sessions – helping us get over our work humps at flashing speed and to bring the latest best practices to our clients.

Contevo’s Facebook Marketing Services

Our digital agency has successfully achieved highly profitable results for its clients across a wide variety of industries. This process begins with our skilled team of social media experts, who help develop a customised Facebook marketing strategy for all our clients.

Whether it’s for Facebook ads, content management or conversion optimisation, our agency can help make Facebook highly profitable for your brand.

Some of our recent results.

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