Content Marketing Tips: The ONE Thing You Need in 2017

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Content Marketing Tips: The ONE Thing You Need in 2017

On the hunt for some killer content marketing tips to boost your SEO efforts? In a digital space where everyone is trying to one-up and optimise better than their competitors – how do you rise and rank above?

Today’s most powerful and essential content marketing tool is interactive, it’s swift to engage, and it’s in your news feed right now.

Yes – we’re talking about video.

It’s something you don’t want to look past – especially if you’re just starting out with SEO.

Whether you’re a digital marketer or business owner, there is not denying that you have already watched video content today, be it scrolling through your Facebook or Instagram feed, or even on a news publisher website.

Did you know…? Videos are now the most popular and engaging form of online content.

The presence of a video on your website or blog will improve your SEO and increase engagement.

Google is looking for content richness and in return, you’ll be rewarded by the almighty search engine result pages (SERPs).    

With this in mind, it’s more important than ever before to get your head in Google’s Rankbrain game. With huge advancements in machine learning, SEO remains an ever-changing landscape. But despite these constant changes in search algorithms, the one constant that still holds the utmost importance is quality content.    


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Forget any other content marketing tips – this is why VIDEO is so integral to the success of your SEO efforts in 2017.

Keep reading to learn how you can improve your SEO tactics through video, as well as drive more traffic to your website or blog, thoroughly engage your audience, and rank high in the SERPs.

Popularity of Video on the Rise

It’s time to take advantage of this content marketing tool as video only gains momentum in popularity. Video currently makes up 64% of all online traffic and is expected to reach 80% by 2019.

A staggering $14.38 billion is predicted to be spent on video advertising by 2019, but it’s not just large businesses making the switch to video content. Small businesses looking for content marketing tips are also utilising video editing software and seeking the expertise of digital marketing agencies to create a video for their audiences.

Moreover, what used to take hours of preparation aided by skilled professionals and a large budget can now be done effectively with the ease of a smartphone camera. Some of the best viral videos were made on a small or non-existent budget.

This just goes to show that not only quality but authentic content reigns as King.

So, what are some way you can display authenticity through video?

 ‘How-to’ videos and Product Reviews are useful content pieces for your users and go a long way to improve SEO but also establish consumer trust. However,   


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Why Video is Effective for SEO

The answer to this question (you may be asking yourself) is plain and simple.

Implementing video into your content marketing strategy will benefit SEO efforts as it works to:

  • Increase user time spent on page, solidifying your content and website as an authority on the keyword subject matter.
  • Increasing the likelihood of appearing in SERPs with upload of video content on video platforms, such as
  • As more users engage with video more than other content, social shareability increases chances of receiving inbound links to your website.

Video ticks all of these SEO boxes, as well as a cascade of other benefits, which include:

  • Increased brand awareness through sharing of your videos.
  • Establishing your brand and voice as a leader in your industry.
  • Growing your audience (community) on social media platforms.
  • Outreach opportunities which enable introductions to other webmasters and brands.


How to Optimise Your Video for SEO (3 Simple Steps)

You can have the greatest video ever produced, but it’s won’t do you much good if no one can find it. That’s why it’s important to know how to give your video the best chance of ranking.

Here are some more content marketing tips – what you need to do to optimise your video when publishing to your website, YouTube, or to a social media platform.

  1. The Title: You will need to consider your audience you’re targeting and create catchy titles that are going to stop them in their tracks. As well as a ridiculously good-looking title, you’re going to need to include the target keyword, which is where you will really benefit.
  2. Descriptions and Captions: Adding valuable, informative text to your description and caption areas will not only benefit your audience, it will also aid your SEO efforts. When publishing natively or to a video publishing site, the description area allows you to include more long tail keywords, which will work to increase discovery of your content.
  3. URL: Optimising URLs to include the keyword of the content piece is general SEO good practice, it can deliver the desired result for video too. Before publishing your video, ensure that the URL permalink includes your video’s target keyword. Also – make sure to keep it short.  


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