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Canvas: Facebook’s Swift New Storytelling Tool

The new ‘like’ options and recent user interface update on the Facebook mobile app may have woken the hungry beast within you, but really…it’s only a small taste of times to come. As the leading…

Instagram: #Hacks to Grow your Following through Strategic Interaction

You have it downloaded, it’s pretty and glossy with nice filters, and you’re beginning to think you’re an insta(nt) sensation with your 11 like #average. Take a moment to pause, check your Fitbit, and consider…

Measuring Social Media with Google Analytics

This post was originally published on Power Retail. So how are your social media efforts tracking? We’re not talking about ‘likes’, we’re talking conversions and actual sales resulting from social media interactions. Every marketing activity…

Facebook 360 Video: The Low-Down

Have you pressed play on an over-hyped video on Facebook recently? Well if you failed to inch left, right, up, or down, you would have missed the amazement of Facebook 360 Video. This is new(ish)…