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instagram paid partnerships

Instagram Paid Partnerships To Add More Transparency

Instagram recently announced the trial launch of a new scheme to more explicitly denote a “paid partnership” among influencers using the social media app. Influencers refer to the many celebrities and self-made users who promote…

Best Facebook Ads Targeting Tactics You Need To Try in 2017

There are over 15 million active Facebook users in Australia today. With a population of approximately 24 million, that equates to 62.5% of the population. So how are your Facebook ads targeting tactics performing? But…

9 Micro-Influencer Statistics (No. 4 Will Seriously Surprise You!)

It’s no secret that businesses have long been partnering up with social media influencers as an effective means of marketing. In a world where 70% of consumers consult social media before making buying decisions, it’s…

Facebook Jobs Tab: Everything You Need to Know

Over the past 12 months, Facebook has introduced updates and new features, with some movements more sleuth than others. One of these new additions is Facebook Marketplace, which is proving to be a popular space…
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