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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Digital Marketing Agency

After a couple months of calling around, gathering information, and meeting, you have finally found a digital marketing agency to take charge of your business and get you real results (Revenue$!$!!). There is every possibility…

Instagram Advertising for E-Commerce. Will It Be An Effective Marketing Channel?

This post was originally published on Power Retail. If you look across to your smartphone apps, we are willing to bet that you will stumble upon a glossy square camera called Insta. You’re not alone.…

9 Ways To Drive More Social Media Traffic To Your Website Without Paid Advertising

In the age of shorter attention spans and the constant search for the next trending or viral post, it’s harder to grab and retain Netizen attention.  And if you want to drive them to your…

How To Gain an Instagram Following That Double Taps

Instagram ad revenue is said to reach $2.81 billion USD by 2017. That’s almost 10% of Facebook’s annual profit. That’s a lot of money and a lot of ads. This is why we’ve created this…