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    Facebook News Feed Updates: Friends and Family Come First

    In this day and age, there’s simply too much information to sift through 24/7. Try scrolling down your Facebook News Feed and a bottomless pit comes to mind! So how can you cut through the clutter and make sure that you don’t miss out on news, photos, videos, status...

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    Twitter Advertising: New Ad Groups To Optimise Your Campaigns

    For some time, Twitter advertising has catered to small-large business models with affordable pay-per-click advertising options. Marketers communicate to different people differently, and they need to send targeted messages to the right users at the right moment. Twitter has allowed marketers to easily manage hundreds of ad campaigns by...

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    Facebook Messenger Updates For Business

    We live in a world where social interaction is almost limited to Facebook messenger. It’s easy, quick, and allows us to adapt from friendship to family groups. We’re willing to bet on the fact that there is a Facebook messenger notification waiting on your smartphone right now. This is...

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    Google’s Mastermind Manual Action Penalties For Bloggers

    Google is the ultimate digital powerhouse, a governing body that works to deliver relevant information and promote businesses to users. If your day-to-day online practice is within regulations, your relationship with Google is probably rock-solid. But if you step out of the white line…you may just find yourself in...

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    New Instagram Algorithm: What You’ll See On Your Feed

    Facebook’s current algorithm highlights posts that it thinks you’d be interested to see and hides the rest – even the posts that you may want to see. Now, the sister company, Instagram, is about to implement a similar algorithm. Instagram announced the big news in a blog post last...

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