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The 30 Greatest Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2021

Image Source: Blue Corona According to Consumer Technology Association, more people today own a cell phone than a toothbrush – with over 18 Billion SMS messages being sent daily in the United States alone. Now,…

How To Nail Goal Tracking For Your Ecommerce Store

Most ecommerce businesses understand the importance of setting up goals in Google Analytics. However, many businesses also end up setting just basic goals like “sales” and “cart audience” While that is a good start, a…

Google Analytics Terminology Guide For Beginners

Behold – here is an up-to-date compilation of Google Analytics terminology. As most people in the digital marketing game know, Google Analytics is an essential way to track the progress and performance of your website.…

How To Setup Google Tag Manager and Analytics Goal Tracking for Social Media

So how are your social media efforts tracking? What do you mean? Like…likes?! We’re not talking about ‘likes’, we’re talking traffic, impressions, click-through-rate, and conversions. In the digital age, every marketing activity you allocate time…

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