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Keyword Research Strategy: Google Search Console and Ahrefs

The best SEO strategy is one that clearly defines which key terms, words and phrases you need to use in order to help your reader find exactly the kind of content they’re seeking. And that…
Google fred update algorithm seo

Google’s Fred Update: How To Avoid Losing Organic Traffic

If you’re wondering: “Who is Fred?” And, “Why is Fred coming after my rankings?” It’s time to stop fretting because we’ve got the down-low on this most recent Google algorithm update. Google’s Fred came about…
Google Accelerated Mobile Pages AMP Need to Know

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages: What You Need To Know (AMP)

Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) was established because having a responsive mobile presence is important – but it isn’t enough. With the popularity of smartphones and mobile devices to explore the internet, the convenience of portable…
ad blockers how to get around them

Ad Blockers: Here’s How To Get Around Them

Ad blockers have been around for a long time. Since the first ad banners popped up in chat rooms in the days of AOL, people have been trying to find ways to stop them interrupting…
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