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How SMEs Can Use Vertical Video for Digital Marketing

Vertical video, once dismissed as amateurish by art directors and maligned by internet users, has taken over the social video ecosystem as a dominant, in-demand format. YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter now support vertical video…

Position Zero: How to Optimise for Google’s People Also Ask Boxes

Looking for ways to grow your online strategy in 2020? Perhaps it’s time to start optimising for People Also Ask (PAA) boxes – maintain an edge over the competition when you appear in this section…

How to Increase Conversions with Personalised Marketing

Every one of your customers is an individual, so why not treat them as such? It might just give your conversions a boost. Gone are the days when marketers would send out generic “Dear customer”…

21 Mind Blowing SEO Statistics You Need To Know

We all know just how powerful SEO services or ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ can be when it comes to being found on organic searches and ranking on the very top of the page 1 results –…

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