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Native Ads: Its High Risk – High Reward Ratio

When exploring the world of online advertising, business owners often resort to using Facebook ads, Google ads, Youtube ads, and even LinkedIn ads. But why aren’t Native ads commonly used to generate sales, leads and…

Copy vs. Design: Which is better for your conversion rate?

This quick-ish read is a collaboration (argument?) between graphic designers and copywriters who just can’t come to a conclusion on whether copy or design converts better in a landing page… until we did, at the…

SEO or PPC? Tips for an Integrated Approach

When developing a digital strategy, business owners often wonder whether to focus on search engine optimization (SEO) or paid search (PPC). The answer depends on your business objectives, prospective customers, and industry.  Should you invest…

How to Do Local SEO for Multiple Business Locations

Doing SEO for business is complex enough. But imagine doing SEO for several business locations. If you have several locations across a geographical area, or your business is in the process of expanding, here’s why…

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