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Partner with Australia’s leading digital & outdoor marketing agency to fully utilise the possibilities of your brand. We know what you want most, results. That’s why we are a conversion-first company aiming to deliver the most sales, brand awareness, and traffic with every ad.

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We've helped hundreds of companies achieve milestones with our Intelligently-planned Billboard ads

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Media Strategy Inclusive

Contevo is not just a mediator for putting up billboard ads. We make sure your billboard advertising campaign is well-taken care of through extensive media strategy planning, execution and data analysis. 

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Prime Locations

We partner only with Australia’s best outdoor billboard companies, to ensure that your classic or digital billboard is placed where it’s most profitable. We’ll source the perfect location for your target audience, market size, and budget.

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Designed for Outdoor Advertising

Unlike other billboard companies, we provide you with the tools, and the knowledge of how an outdoor billboard should look, and avoid placing ads that cater to social media platforms and magazines. Make billboard ads the right way with Contevo. 

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Impact-Driven Ads

Explosive, in-your-face, profitable, yet still road-safe. That’s the kind of billboard advertising we can provide you with. Land more sales and increase brand awareness with Contevo’s powerful classic or electronic billboards. Advertise outdoors the right way.

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Full Project Management Service

We’re here for you, from start to finish. We’ll handle every aspect of your billboard advertising including devising a media strategy, evaluating creatives, finding the perfect location, all the way through to analysing the ad’s KPIs. The complete billboard marketing package for your brand.

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Comprehensive Data Analysis

Your billboard advertising campaign with Contevo comes complete with crucial data analytics. This gives you transparency of how your billboards ads are doing and what adjustments can be made to improve their effectiveness.


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The benefits of working with Contevo for your Billboard Ads

Success in Performance, Not Just Execution

For 15 years, Contevo has been thriving from its clients’ success.

You can expect from your billboard advertising campaign, not just the proper billboard acquisition process, but also everything else that makes it effective and profitable.

Not all billboards are created equal. That’s why we ensure yours are prepared by experienced marketing experts, copywriters, data analysts, and executed by the country’s best outdoor billboard companies.

Complete Pre-to-Post Billboard Advertising Service

Avoid unnecessary expenses with our all-in-one billboard advertising package. Including everything you need to prepare, place, and maintain your billboard signage here at Contevo.

Our service includes:

  • Media strategy planning
  • Creative & Copy
  • Location finding
  • Partnerships with billboard companies
  • KPI analysis

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

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Frequently asked questions.

While there are multiple types of billboard advertising, the ones that truly stand out are the classic and digital billboards. These two comprise the majority of billboards in Australia. Oftentimes, these are the only two services billboard companies will offer.

The other types of billboards are usually procured for specific situations, products, or messages. These include:

  1. Vinyl billboards
  2. Mobile billboards
  3. 3D billboards
  4. Scented billboards
  5. Painted billboards

3D billboards like the ones found in China and Japan are mostly used by technology companies to demonstrate their advancements. It’s also (as you might have guessed) very expensive to execute.

Mobile billboards are often found in large events to promote products in busy areas. It’s an effective way to attract attention since the consumers are likely to look forward instead of up while they shuffle through the crowd.

Vinyl, scented, and painted billboards on the other hand are rarely used at all since they are either tedious to accomplish or hyper-specific to the audience they are targeting.

Billboard advertising is the most popular and powerful type of out-of-home (OOH) advertising worldwide. Statistics tells us that 43.1% of the overall OOH advertising market is from billboard ads. In addition to that, 74% of Australians see billboards every day, multiple times a week. But those are general, not profit-related numbers.

For a more concrete answer, the Out-of-Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) came out with statistics showing that the average ROI of billboard advertising is 497%.

When compared to Facebook ads, while it does require less budget, only produces an average of 9-10% ROI/ROAS. This says a lot about billboard marketing. Even though it takes a larger amount of resources and preparation to execute, it does deliver more value per cost.

Billboards have caught on to the modern age through the use of digital screens. But are these new and shiny electronic billboards better than the traditional, non-moving ones? The answer is: Yes they are, but only in certain aspects.

Let’s discuss the main factors that will most likely affect your decision when procuring a billboard.

  1. Attention

Obviously, digital/electronic billboards are going to catch more attention than static ones. With all those flashing lights, moving images, and bright colours, it’s kind of hard to miss. It conforms to what today’s addiction consists of, short videos. However, despite this overwhelming advantage, there is a caveat…

  1. Reach

Outdoor billboard companies who have digital screen spaces will always make sure of how dynamic these digital billboards are. When you have decided to choose this type, expect to share. Most of the time, your ad will only have 10 seconds to reach an audience. Meaning that there’s a lot of missed opportunities to showcase it. Classic billboards on the other hand make every second count since it does not move and cannot be replaced easily.

  1. A/B Testing

For classic billboards, the inability to be replaced easily is both a blessing and a curse. You cannot easily test between multiple creatives on this type which makes it less efficient (and less prone to scaling) than digital billboards, which can be edited without a hitch.

  1. Cost

The deal-breaker for most brands. If you’d rather allocate your budget on other business expenses, then classic billboards are going to be your best bet. Digital billboard cost will roughly be 2-6x higher than classic billboards depending on multiple factors such as population size, location, etc.

Billboard advertising prices are a bit tricky since it depends on a lot of factors. A rough estimate for small-sized boards in moderate traffic volume would be around $2,000 – $4,000 per month.

Billboard cost shoots up when placed on supersites or major highways. Outdoor billboard companies typically charge $6,000-$40,000 for supersites and $15,000-$65,000 on highways with inevitable outdoor billboard viewing angles.

The large difference between prices is also affected by the type of billboard signage. You’ll find that the higher end of the spectrum is for digital billboard advertising rates.

Billboard advertising prices vary wildly depending on the type. Classic billboards are often 2-6x cheaper than digital billboards. Australia and its consumer base are quite fond of billboards and have given 46% of recent responders of the Nielsen CMV survey a reason to try new products.

Digital billboard advertising cost will depend on the traffic volume, screen size, length of the leasing period, and more. On average, billboard companies will charge $4,000 per month on a standard 6×3 metre billboard. For most, this is a good deal since it’s the most cost-effective of the dozens of choices for business owners.

Here are some other digital billboards and their prices in Australia for those looking for specific types:

  • Bus interior: ~$4,500 per month
  • Major highways with overhead structures: ~$65,000 per month
  • 40 sqm supersites: ~$30,000 per month

Note that digital billboard advertising rates differ from various outdoor billboard companies due to location, reputation, and miscellaneous fees. 

New-school vs. Old-school advertising, which one takes the cake for better marketing performance?

Short answer:

Both work well, each with their own caveats.

Long answer: 

They are both very much profitable in the right hands. Let’s discuss their differences and judge which one will work better for your brand.

  1. Cost

It’s no wonder we only get to see a handful of unknown brands on billboards and a ton on Facebook. Billboard advertising prices are much higher than digital marketing prices, solely because you are renting a large chunk of space on the road. Meanwhile, Google ads can fit nicely on the internet, just occupying a few bytes of data at a time.

Billboard companies often charge $2,000 – $4,000 on a 24 sheet billboard while Facebook ads will cost at a minimum $1 a day, with $5 a day or $150 a month for good A/B testing. However, just because billboards cost a lot doesn’t mean they’re a waste of money.

  1. ROI

Billboard ads on average will net you 497% ROI depending on the location. That’s a good deal! However, Facebook and Google ads can do the same, just with more unstable numbers. It’s easy to get lost in the business mechanics of social platforms especially when you’re not partnered with a credible digital marketing agency. Inexperienced marketers can easily fall into negative ROAS while veteran marketers have acquired 20x ROAS in some campaigns.

That being said, billboard ads tend to be more consistent in delivery than digital marketing but is rather difficult in one particular aspect…

  1. Tracking

It’s easy to keep an eye on the numbers digital marketing ads generate since everything happens on the web. On the other hand, billboard advertising doesn’t have that convenience and needs to rely on arbitrary measurements like location, referrals, audience participation, etc.

With this, we can conclude that, if you’re looking for a cheaper and easily trackable alternative, then digital marketing is the better option for you. However, if you have ample resources to invest in marketing and are looking to scale assets at a larger margin, then billboard advertising might be the right step for your business.

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