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    How To Nail Goal Tracking For Your Ecommerce Store

    Most ecommerce businesses understand the importance of setting up goals in Google Analytics. However, many businesses also end up setting just basic goals like “sales” and “cart audience” While that is a good start, a thriving ecommerce business needs to understand their user journey at different touch points to...

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    5 Reasons Why Your AdWords Campaign Has Poor ROI

      As of July 2017, Google owns a massive 81.12% market share. It is undoubtedly the leading search engine. Things aren’t much different in Australia where Google’s market share is well over 90% for past several years consistently.     This is what makes Google’s ad network, AdWords, the number...

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    Google’s Supershopper is Paving the Future of Ecommerce

    Supershopper. If you haven’t come across this term yet, you’re not alone. It’s a term coined by Google in a mobile ecommerce report they release in October 2016, and according to their data, the time of the “Supershopper” is nigh. A Supershopper isn’t a shopping addict, buying up big all the...

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    9 Micro-Influencer Statistics (No. 4 Will Seriously Surprise You!)

    It’s no secret that businesses have long been partnering up with social media influencers as an effective means of marketing. In a world where 70% of consumers consult social media before making buying decisions, it’s clear why brands are jumping on the influencer band waggon. However, due to recent...

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    The Multi-Device Path to Purchase: How To Optimise Your Strategy

    Digital penetration is increasing more than ever before. Consumers have a mental checklist they need to consult before they commit to any online purchase. With busier lives and a faster, more mobile world, the majority of consumers are constantly moving from one stimulus to the next. With every turn,...

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    How To Recover Lost Ecommerce Sales With Facebook Remarketing

    The consumer journey is experiencing radical changes as behaviours shift with developing mobile technologies. With these changes come challenges. Cart abandonment rate is a colossal challenge, which, at times, is ignored. The truth of the matter is that cart abandonment equals a tremendous amount of lost eCommerce sales, so...

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    5 Tactics SEO Management Companies Need To Avoid

    In order to rank higher in search results, garner more organic traffic, and become a reputable trusted website, SEO management companies should maintain fair, active and high-quality optimisation that focuses only on improving the user’s experience. Anything other than this – as in, dishonest, sneaky and hindering methods –...

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    Mobile App Install Ads: Facebook Adds Event-based Bidding

    In an effort to generate more advertising revenue, Facebook is starting to roll out more and more options (Mobile App Install Ads) for marketers to target specific users, even if they’re not logged in to the social network.   One of these advertising options is mobile app install ads....

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    Inside Google RankBrain: How The Algorithm Affects SEO

    The digital world was put on medium-high alert last October when the Google RankBrain algorithm was announced. While the algorithm is still growing and evolving (like all our brains, right?!) there are definitely features that are still kept under wraps, with information about its use and impact on SEO...

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    Facebook News Feed Updates: Friends and Family Come First

    In this day and age, there’s simply too much information to sift through 24/7. Try scrolling down your Facebook News Feed and a bottomless pit comes to mind! So how can you cut through the clutter and make sure that you don’t miss out on news, photos, videos, status...

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