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Put an end to low sales, poor ROI, and declining results with ads that stand out from the crowd and deliver exceptional results. Contevo’s AdWords management service isn’t just an account set up service, instead it is an all-in-one AdWords management service where our team of skilled, equipped, and experienced staff will create, manage, optimize, track, scale, and report on all types of AdWords campaigns.

Contevo’s Google AdWords management brings with it targeted traffic, conversions, sales, and unmatched ROI. We achieve this by creating an AdWords strategy for your business, defining target audience, in-depth market and keyword research, and managing and optimizing your PPC marketing.

Our AdWords management services are the perfect solution for businesses that need a Google AdWords expert to manage their advertising professionally and to drive targeted traffic to their website.

646.5% Increase in Leads

for Santa Fe Wridgways

120x Revenue Growth Since Engagement


83.86% Reduction in Cost Per Lead




The success and failure of your AdWords campaign depends entirely on the underlying strategy created by a Google AdWords management company. Our strategists are keenly aware of the importance of having a solid foundation for AdWords which is why our very first step is in building a powerful AdWords strategy for your brand. This strategy doesn’t just focus on the type of campaign or monthly ad budget, but focuses on integrating your AdWords strategy with your business’s strategy, developing a framework to grow your brand’s market share, sales, ROI, and customer lifetime value.


Correct keyword selection for AdWords PPC campaigns is critical as these keywords trigger ads in search results and on the display network. Our research team ensures that your ads are only triggered for right set of keywords and you don’t end up paying high CPC for non-buying keywords. In-depth keyword research and (ethical) competitor spying is undertaken by our team to handpick best performing keywords for every PPC campaign. Our Google AdWords expert Melbourne monitors keyword performance and make the right use of negative keywords. This boosts conversions, improve quality score, increase CTR, reduce CPC, and eventually improves ROI.


Conversion optimization is what makes every visitor count. We don’t want you to rely solely on the traffic your ads generate, rather we emphasize on converting a maximum number of visitors into paying customers. This is what makes your campaigns profitable. Our adwords management agency uses a wide range of tools and tactics such as A/B testing, advanced tracking, UTM parameters, clickmaps, heatmaps, AdWords reports, Analytics, and advanced third-party analytic tools.


A 360 degree PPC audit of your past campaigns and future plans, reveal insights that are used to establish the foundation for a successful PPC campaign, helping your business grow and expand. This is the first thing any adwords management company should do. PPC isn’t just about creating ads and hoping that they will drive traffic to your landing page, instead it is about creating and managing multiple campaign types for different audiences, in different geographical locations, across all applicable devices. Our certified AdWords professionals will manage your PPC campaigns so you don’t miss a single visitor.


Running several AdWords campaigns in an effort to mimic your competitors won’t necessarily make your brand any better. To ensure your campaigns perform well and increase your ROI, our Google AdWords manager will employ several industry leading best practices. These include single keyword ad group (SKAG) strategy, use of negative keywords, conversion bidding, ad extensions, advanced tracking, time-delayed remarketing, use of the correct tools, ad scheduling, and more. As the most trusted AdWords agency Melbourne. our team is highly proficient in implementing these best practices in a way that you get maximum output from every single dollar you spend on AdWords.


Part of what makes our Google AdWords management services stand out is our ability to reduce your cost and increase your revenue. This is achieved by our expert analytics team monitoring, tracking, controlling, and making adjustments to strategy, campaigns, and other variables as and when needed. Our advanced analysis aims to scale and grow your business. Our SEM agency Melbourne doesn’t just use AdWords and Google Analytics to track and tweak but they use a wide range of industry’s best tracking and analytics tools to help them deliver the best results, helping to make your business an industry leader.

“The team at Contevo have superseded all of our expectations since we started our engagement for a PPC strategy. We were investing a 6 digit media budget with a large PPC Management company and were getting OK results. Contevo were able to increase our leads by 5X for the same budget, all within a few months.”
Antonino Rawbone – National Marketing Manager, Santa Fe Wridgways



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