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Contevo is a results-driven ad agency that helps businesses dominate the online space through curated ad creatives, compelling ad copies and effective landing pages.

Our research-based approach uses software tools, data and analytics to stay ahead of the curb. We build paid ads and landing pages through PPC advertising to deliver positive ROI to your business marketing efforts. Experienced in all paid platforms, our campaign managers are always on the lookout for ways to improve your desired KPIs and objectives.

When you work with us, we guarantee:

We Deliver Serious Results Through Targeted Digital Advertising

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Campaign Management

Have a professional campaign manager run and optimise your ads. Depending on your business objectives, we scale PPC ads to reach milestones on brand awareness, conversions, lead generation or traffic building. 

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Website Audit

Unlike other advertising firms, Contevo includes website audit and optimisation in its services. We build our client’s sites to have faster page speeds, cleaner UI and a more effective tracking pixel for retargeting visitors.

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Advertising Analytics

By using professional online tools, our researchers are able to analyse your website visitor’s behaviour and use this information to optimise landing page design, content, placement and other key factors that hinder prospects from turning into customers.

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Advertising Strategies

With over 15 years of experience as an advertising firm, Contevo has become an ad company that uses proven and tested methods as well as innovative solutions to optimise bidding strategies, ad spend budgeting, audience targeting and other important KPIs.

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Content & Copywriting

By integrating effective copies into your business’ content and advertising ventures, we are able to mold prospect’s/customer’s emotions and turn them into an actionable response that benefits your business. Whether it’s purchasing a product, signing to an email list or joining a community.

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Platform Marketing

Built on a strong foundation of digital specialists, our team is well-versed in multiple advertising platforms such as Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, LinkedIn and Google ads and uses these to leverage competition to your advantage.

Trusted by companies of all sizes.

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The benefits of working with Contevo for Advertising Services

Full Service Digital Advertising

Working with one of the top advertising agencies in Australia, such as Contevo, gives you full control of the digital space. Every step a prospect takes in order to transition into a loyal customer is methodologically planned out. From capturing the audience’ interests to learning about your business, to purchasing, and finally, to encourage further purchases in the future.

Contevo's Build - Grow - Scale System

Every client we work with undergoes a 3-stage process of digital development. By building your campaign up from scratch, we get to manipulate the path each paid ad takes and eventually turning that building block into the foundation for your brand’s growth and revenue scaling.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

Peter Holton

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Frequently asked questions.

An advertising agency, or in this case, a digital advertising agency is an entity that helps businesses achieve their marketing goals through paid online advertisements and other promotional tools.

Their main source of service is through pay-per-click ads (PPC). Ad agencies often use this speciality to generate results for multiple client objectives such as brand awareness, sales, leads, customer retention and much more.

Behind the scenes, these agencies also delve into researching, data analysis, media planning and improving campaigns based on client feedback.

The typical compositions that these organisations consist of are creative teams, media buyers and researchers. All of which play a role in creating effective ads for your business.

There are multiple ways in which a digital agency can boost your business. The obvious benefits would be to generate more sales, leads and brand awareness. By using paid advertising, your brand will be exposed to a large audience that cannot be easily attained from traditional or social media marketing. This opens a new avenue for your business to grow, new opportunities to build a brand persona and establish your base as an authority in the online world, where millions of people search Google on a particular niche every day.

Other less known benefits include the ease of workload for you and your co-workers. By not having to micromanage marketing efforts and letting the digital advertising agency handle everything, you can focus on other important matters to improve and scale your business.

There are still 3 main categories with which advertising agencies fall into:

1.Full-Service advertising agency

As the name suggests, this agency handles everything advertisement-related for your business. Whether it’s billboards, Facebook ads, flyers or Tiktok ads. This type is often called the combination of traditional and digital advertising.

This agency is right for you if:

✓ You need a full-blown advertising firm that can literally do anything under the clouds

✓ You have enough resources to fund a large entity such as this

2. Digital advertising agency

This is where Contevo falls in. A digital advertising agency mainly does promotions online. These entities can promote on any platform as long as it’s on the internet. 

This agency is right for you if:

✓ You’re starting to dwell into the online space for a larger target audience

✓ You run an e-commerce or SaaS site

✓ You’re looking to Glocalise your business

3. Traditional advertising agency

The polar opposite of a digital advertising agency when it comes to placement. A traditional advertising agency focuses on all promotional methods that are offline.

This agency is right for you if:

✓ You’re positive that your clients are more inclined to purchase through offline marketing mediums

✓ You’re more focused on local customers and want to increase more foot traffic.

The range by which Australian advertising agencies charge can vary greatly. From a small fee of $400 to a staggering $22,000 per month.

But don’t fret, the average of most advertising agencies are just from $500 to $3000 a month. But truth be told, you won’t be able to know their pricing by just pressing a button. Most agencies diversify their prices depending on the client’s capability, their workload, the services they provide and a few other factors.

The short answer to all three is yes.

The long answer is one should consider their current business objectives before jumping the gun. Small to medium-sized businesses will benefit from the immediate results advertising agencies can give. Advertising solutions such as PPC will greatly impact their brand recognition, ROI and opportunities to rank up series if they’re looking for investors.

Large businesses, especially those still exploring new markets online will also benefit greatly from hiring an advertising agency. With an agency’s knowledge of the digital world, they can widen the customer reach of an already massive corporate entity. Moreover, those who want to expand internationally will find it easier to use advertising agencies as a medium to localise their products in the target country, therefore increase their chance to dominate the market share even if they’re still a new competitor.

It’s often a debate whether a business should hire an in-house advertiser or an agency to manage their paid advertising efforts. Majority of the time, we can safely say that a digital advertising agency is always the better option.

The advantages of hiring an agency over an individual specialist:

1.Getting more done in a short amount of time

It’s an easy win. Battling 1-3 men over multiple teams within an agency is just a no-brainer. Agencies will get things done in a faster and (most of the time) better way, speeding up the growth of your business exponentially.

2. A better performance to payment ratio

Whether you’re going to hire an individual with 10 years of experience or someone at Fiverr, the ratio of which performance and payments/salaries match up will always be in the favour of the agency.

On average, an agency will cost your business $1000 a month. In comparison, an entry-level digital advertiser (if paid properly) will cost a business $5800 per month. Not only will you pay less with an agency, but you’ll also get better and faster results.

3. Fewer limitations

When hiring an individual digital advertiser, most of the time, they will have a particular speciality, whether it’s PPC, copywriting or designing. An agency has all of those in one neat package. Every person in an agency is an expert on something, from creativity to data analysis to media buying.

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