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For 15 years, Contevo has been running and designing ad banners through its PPC Marketing services. Gain positive returns through our research-based approach on delivering output. As the leading digital agency in Australia, we produce results that are in line with every client’s objectives.

When you work with us, we guarantee:

We've helped hundreds of companies generate sales with Ad Banners

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Ad Banner Optimisation

By using curated software tools, our campaign managers are able to devise strategies in order for your ad banners to produce the best results. We, at Contevo, are specialists in digital marketing, that’s why we always find ways to improve your KPI on any platform.

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Research & Analysis

By using a multi-platform approach to reaching your key audience, our Ecommerce experts ensure customer acquisition becomes a solid, replicable process that can be scaled.

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Digital Platform Strategies

Your dedicated campaign manager and ad banner designer will formulate strategies based on your current business goals. Whether it’s to generate more sales, find more relevant leads, establish good brand reputation or even gain more traffic, we have you covered in all aspects.

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Objective-Focused Ad Banners

Our ad banners are made to convert. Our team does not only create designs that look good, but also accomplishes their purpose. Every ad banner we produce is created to turn cold audiences to hot, hot audiences to purchase again, and loyal customers to join your community.

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Professional Ad Banner Designers

We, at Contevo, only hires the best, trains them, and become better than the best. All our designers have backgrounds in either graphic design or digital marketing. That’s why all the deliverables you receive will be high quality, size-appropriate and brand relevant.

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Static & Animated Ad Banners

There’s no clear-cut winner on which ad banner type converts better. That’s why we provide both. On each project, we provide both static and animated banners to A/B test. This gives you more options when choosing a more profitable ad banner design to publish.

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The benefits of working with Contevo for effective Ad Banners

We Design Gorgeous Banners with Your Brand’s Identity In Mind

Our creative team is always on the lookout for new design ideas — everything that can make your brand stand out from the crowd. We design ad banners specifically to reduce competition noise and increase the chance of audiences to click an ad.

Every piece we deliver is designed around your brand’s identity.

Result-Driven Ad Banner Designs

Our designs aim for results, every single time.

Contevo believes that a pretty and witty ad only works if it’s coupled with factors that increase conversion rate. Expect to receive designs that meet your business goals. Moreover, we also use bidding strategies and budget optimisation to amplify the effectiveness of your paid promotions.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

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Frequently asked questions.

An ad banner is a type of online promotional tool that can be posted in websites as sponsors. There are mediums or “ad servers” to go about this but the most popular one is through Google ads. 

These banners are usually in the form of an image or gif. By having your brand, product or service posted on a niche-relevant website, your business can attract customers who are looking for solutions to their search queries. 

The basic principle of a banner ad is by:

  1. Attracting an audience
  2. Engaging them to click the image
  3. Viewing your official website or landing page
  4. Procuring your products or services

Yes and No. Ad Banners are still great tools in order to promote your brand and generate sales. However, the former is more emphasised.

Although the conversion rates of ad banners have gone down in the past years, they are still king in establishing brand awareness. When seeing an ad on the street or a billboard, you don’t immediately want to buy from them. But their brand is now stuck in your head.

Banner ads are a way to imprint a mark onto your customer’s (or future customer’s) mind. They are a great and cost-effective way to amplify your other promotional tools.

In conclusion, banner ads may not give you 10x ROAS, but it will make your brand stand out from the crowd. A common mistake business owners make is neglecting brand awareness, which is absolutely vital in generating more profit.

It’s easy to just create your own ad banner design, but it’s hard to make it good. There are millions of ad banners out there that are overlooked by audiences. Statistics show that, on average, people see 7,500 banner ads a day… but only notice less than half of them.

That’s because business owners often neglect the power of research, data, and statistics that goes into creating profitable banner ads. A digital marketing agency such as Contevo knows how the human mind works and leverages that into creating ads that attract, entice interest, gives desire and motivates action to click.

The golden rule for ad banner sizes is that it should be large enough to notice but still not be intrusive to what the audience is reading.

The standard (and best) sizes for banners are…

For Desktop:

  1. 300 x 250 : Medium Rectangle style
  2. 728 x 90 : Leaderboard style
  3. 160 x 600 : Wide Skyscraper style
  4. 300 x 600 : Half Page style

For Mobile:

  1. 320 x 50 : Leaderboard style
  2. 320 x 100 : Large Mobile Banner style
  3. 250 x 250 : Square

Although sizes are important, it’s crucial to understand that design is still king. It’s not advisable to crop certain images just to the recommended sizes because it defeats the purpose of being attractive, while also damaging the reputation of the brand.

Ad Banners are used by all business types and sizes, whether you’re running an SMB, SME or large corporation.

These promotional tools are not niche-biased and can be used by any business as long, as creativity is in play. Ford for example uses strong, motivating words and shiny cars to get good banner results. Meanwhile, Grammarly uses witty strategies and oftentimes animated gifs to portray the benefits of their software.

It’s all in the creativity and motive behind the banner ad that makes it effective. That’s why hiring an agency can be a live saver for these types since they understand the balance between creativity and the psychology of marketing.

There are multiple ways of how ad banners can benefit your business. For a quicker read, here is a list of some of the advantages you receive from using these tools.

  1. Increase in sales, leads and traffic
  2. Brand awareness
  3. Increase brand credibility
  4. Less ad spend (more cost-effective)
  5. Highly targeted niche
  6. Time-efficient (reusable ads)
  7. An easy explainer visual communication tool

…and so much more. Since the dawn of the internet, banner ads have been used to promote brands and their products & services. Although the average conversion rate has gone down, these ads are always a great way to promote brands in unique and affordable ways.

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