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A digital marketing agency that combines proven traditional marketing 
models with the latest digital technologies to systematically scale your business.

As your digital growth partner, our digital marketing agency combines proven traditional marketing models with the latest digital technologies to systematically scale your business.


We scale ambitious businesses:

Client Achievements

Competition has never been more fierce online.

Only a dedicated team can achieve real growth.

50 M
Sales Revenue
500 K
Sales Orders
100 K
Sales Leads
1 B
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The benefits of working with a leading digital marketing agency.

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Expert Team

Highly accomplished, our digital marketing agency has a team of career digital professionals with wide ranging skills and experience.

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Conversion Focused

Sales or lead conversions are always our goal. Our digital marketing services focus on what’s important, generating real business ROI.

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Measurable Goals

The only way to measure ROI is to have clear targets. We work with you to assess your current state and create KPI’s.

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Continuous Improvement

We believe in ever-improving achievement through partnership and accountability. Continuous Evolution, underscores everything.

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Advanced Analytics

Our digital marketing company builds strategies on solid data and use not only the best, but the right technologies, to help you gain the competitive advantage.

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Innovation & Invention

With new challenges arising daily in the digital marketing space, our ability to adapt is at the heart of our talented online marketing agency.

Our proven Continuous Evolution business growth process.

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Define Goals & Scope

First, our digital marketing experts identify what’s at the heart of what you want to achieve. Understanding your current state and performance through digital asset analysis and historic analytics, reveals the scope for potential improvements. We create a thorough audit to determine your current position, enabling us to set clear goals and create a path to achieve your ultimate objective.

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Test Everything

A robust test of your current strategy and our new hypothesis offers insights into market behaviour, effective techniques and further opportunities for development. Our digital marketing agency in Melbourne uses industry trends, forecasts, market research, analytics, surveys and buyer personas to identify all the variables that directly or indirectly impact your audience and play a role in conversion. Genuine testing with clearly defined parameters and equivalencies, produces results that can be scaled and replicated to achieve solid digital marketing growth.

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Comprehensive Analysis

Working with clearly defined data sets to produce insightful analysis, ensures that winning business decisions can be made based on facts, not just gut instinct. The significance of each variable, its digital growth potential, how it impacts conversion rate, and how it relates to other variables is analysed and reported in an easy-to-understand insights. Our digital marketing agency uncovers new opportunities to maximise your advantages.

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Continuous Optimisation

With concrete data and test results as their foundation, improvements to every campaign mean that reaching the desired state becomes a clear cut process of continual improvement. Ideas don’t remain fixed, but are continually refreshed and monitored. Our digital marketing company believes that there is always a room for improvement. Our digital marketing specialists continue to improve your performance by optimising many factors like user experience, creative, bidding and audience targeting.

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Scale for Growth

Our digital agency will keep you growing with purpose and planning. Our digital marketing specialists identify high-performing campaigns, products, landing pages and creative in order to replicate all successes. Our growth and scaling program allows our team to adjust, scale, and measure campaigns for the highest possible ROI. Building more powerful results through this process of review and learning, ensures consistent improvements and winning outcomes. That’s the business of Continuous Evolution.

A few client experiences and testimonials.

From Start Up to IPO in 4 Years.

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From a tiny little company, to what we’ve grown into, having a company like Contevo that can develop with us and help us on that journey has been such a huge help. It’s taken a lot of worry and responsibility off my shoulders. You need partners like that. I’d have no hesitation to recommend Contevo to anyone.

Peter Holton

spectur ltd

We live and breathe digital marketing.

Who is Contevo

We are an online marketing company with a talented team of industry leading digital marketers who are passionate about granular, data backed campaigns across PPCSEO, Adwords, FacebookSocial Media and Ecommerce.

Our digital agencies Mission

To be the world’s leading performance marketing agency. A digital marketing company known for excellence in achieving high returns and business growth for all clients through conversion focused digital marketing.

A digital agency that's trusted by companies of all sizes.

Our digital marketing insights.

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Frequently asked questions

Digital marketing covers all marketing initiatives on the internet, or on an electronic device. It leverages online channels like search engines, social media, and email to introduce your brand to current and potential customers. It is the practice of managing your online and offline presence through your company website, social media pages, online profiles, apps, traditional media, and other platforms – usually with the help of a digital agency.

With today’s customers spending an increasing amount of time on their devices, staying up to date on the latest news, keeping in touch with friends and family, and searching specific topics when they need to, digital marketing helps them learn about your products and services.

Marketing has two main pillars, namely online (digital) and offline (traditional) marketing.

Online marketing covers:

  1. Search engine optimisation (SEO)
  2. Search engine marketing (SEM)
  3. Social media marketing (SMM)
  4. Content marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Affiliate marketing
  7. Email marketing
  8. Pay-per-click advertising.

Offline marketing encompasses:

  1. Radio marketing
  2. Television marketing
  3. Outdoor/Billboard marketing
  4. Phone marketing or cold calling
  5. Enhanced offline marketing, or offline strategies that have been enhanced with electronic devices, such as iPad restaurant menus and digital billboards.   

Putting the focus on both online and offline marketing ensures that you don’t miss any opportunity to reach your audience. It also helps you diversify your lead generation tactics using a reputable digital agency.

An online marketing company differs from a traditional one in the sense that it puts the emphasis on measurable, results-based marketing strategies primarily in the online world. It is focused on delivering the most ROI for your marketing efforts.

A digital marketing company or digital agency like Contevo has a team of consultants, strategists, developers, and creatives that work to build your presence and help generate leads. The company evaluates your needs, identifies your ideal buyer, and analyses the demand for your products and services. Then it goes on to develop data-based carefully planned strategies to maximise your bottom line.

Any performance marketing agency worth its salt takes a highly targeted approach in order to build a connection between your brand and your ideal buyer.

When looking for a digital marketing agency, Melbourne business owners can do an online search and ask trusted contacts for referrals. Before you get in touch with a performance marketing agency, however, you must assess your budget and determine how much you are willing to spend on digital marketing services.  The costs will depend on the kind of digital marketing elements you want to add to your strategies, as well as the scale of your business.

Figure out how much time you can realistically invest in working with the online marketing company of your choice.  

If you already have an in-house marketing team, take stock of what your team is good at, and pinpoint which areas they need help in.

When hiring an online marketing agency, it is important to screen your candidates, as a partnership with one will span several months to years, depending on your business requirements.

Look for a marketing agency that is willing to share case studies, as well as give you access to current and previous clients for reference. Consider working with a digital agency that have worked with businesses in your niche or industry.

Moreover, choose a marketing company with the kind of expertise or specialisation that aligns with your goals. For instance, if you want to amplify your Facebook presence, work with an online marketing agency with a proven track record in social media marketing (SMM). Likewise, if you want to beef up your blog, hire one that does content writing and SEO. 

Finally, choose a performance marketing company that is willing to be transparent with you. A reputable agency will have an address, contact number, About Page, case studies, and references that check out.

The best performance marketing company is the one that is aligned with your needs, goals, budget, and business scale. The ideal digital marketing partner is someone whose culture and values complement yours. Not only are they in tune with your business targets, they are also invested in the vision that you have for your brand and business.

When looking for the best digital marketing company, Melbourne business owners will find no shortage of world-class, highly creative companies that offer targeted and measurable digital marketing services that will help them achieve their goals.

Finding the best digital agency, however, involves thorough research, a feel for the industry, and an in-depth understanding of your own brand and what it is that you want to do. Read reviews and client testimonials, and find out which companies industry experts are paying attention to.

When consulting with a performance marketing company, ask them the following questions to find out if they’re a great fit for your business:

  1. Who will be working with me?
  2. Do you have successful examples of your previous work?
  3. How do you communicate with clients?
  4. How often do you report to clients, and in what format?
  5. What’s the process like?
  6. Which marketing technologies do you use?
  7. What does your fee cover, and are there additional fees?
  8. How are you different from other digital marketing agencies?
  9. Which analytics do you track?

A reputable and transparent marketing agency or digital agency should be able to provide case studies, measurable results, and references and testimonials. They should also be able to answer these questions in a direct, matter-of-fact manner.

There are several things that you can expect from a marketing company or digital agency, including:

Expertise and task specialisation. The marketing company must have access to individuals with the knowledge and expertise needed to complete targeted, trackable, clearly defined, and time-sensitive projects that you cannot execute in-house.

Strategic focus. Find out which specific strategies the marketing agency intends to use for maximum ROI.

Access to digital marketing tools. Knowing that a performance marketing company has the tools necessary to succeed will give you peace of mind when signing a contract. When vetting digital marketing agencies, make sure that their tools are aimed at management, media buying, optimisation, and research and development.

Added value. Proper budget allocation plays a large role in successful campaigns, but don’t get fixated on prices.  Instead, look at the added value that the marketing agency  can bring to your business.

Transparency and a willingness to help. The digital agency’s representatives must should a willingness to be open and transparent about their methods and processes during conversations. The marketing agency should clearly outline their fees, services, deliverables, and reporting style and frequency.

Brand alignment. One of the main goals of your digital marketing partner should be to strengthen and protect your brand. This includes trackable performance marketing, as well as identifying, recruiting, and managing brand partners who are aligned with your branding. The digital agency must also steer clear of off-brand promotions.

Entrusting your digital marketing efforts with a marketing agency who can manage the finer, more complex details of the job allows you to focus more on high-level decision-making and other key business tasks.

The kind of skill and expertise needed to conceptualise and complete digital marketing campaigns can be very expensive and difficult to find – getting a single person to do a job that covers so many tasks may be counterproductive, but transferring the task to a digital agency like Contevo that specialises in digital marketing services will help you get results in a more cost-effective manner.

Working with a digital marketing agency like Contevo comes with the following advantages:

  • It gives you access to the skills, tools, and expertise you need.
  • It helps you manage your resources more effectively.
  • It helps you get things done on time.
  • It offers new insight and perspective, not only into digital marketing and your industry as a whole, but into your own brand as well.  
  • It gives your business room to breathe – and the chance to grow.

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